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  1. I appreciate the “correction”, but the 1025 has no plans of leaving the premises at this time. But after further consideration i would like to ask a follow up question: the difference (in sound) between a 734a in passive mode and a P34? I can see the 734 being more versatile with the preamp and being mostly the same specs as its more exotic sibling, i’m starting to question whether that would be a better choice.
  2. A question to you BB aficionados: I currently have a 1025x that I really like the sound of, its fat and punchy in all PU positions and it plays great. However, its a tad heavy and I never use the B string. Now a P34 has come up for sale within reach, which seems to fit the bill. BB, lighter, 4 strings, and it's a BB 🙂 Before I throw all my savings after this, I wanted to know if anyone of you have directly compared the sound of a 1024/25 (or 2024/25) with a P34/35? The neck pickup i'm not too worried about, but the bridge PU I'm curious to know how they compare. My 1025 has a very usable and full sounding bridge PU, that I would hate to be without on the P.
  3. Not a pedal or an effect, so maybe off topic? But I did build it myself. A midi controlled loop switcher, with dual switchable inputs (A or B), one always-on loop (for tuner, comp, etc.), five switchable loops, dual switchable outputs (X, Y or X+Y)
  4. Here’s mine. Working towards more MIDI compatibility.
  5. No worries @Al Krow 🙂 And @AndyTravis is spot on, 1025x is correct. I've had it for a few years, in which a number of higher end, more flashy basses have come and gone. This one is not going anywhere. Did compare it to a 2025x at some point, but I'm not good enough to tell the difference. @dave_bass5 the F1 is great little head. Hard to beat the combination of performance, size and second hand price tag. I use it mostly at home though. For heavier duty I use my old Trace Elliot head.
  6. Recently traded this Grand Dark in. We’re getting along just fine 😉
  7. Great looking rig. Lots of power and tone in that. I have the smaller version myself 🙂
  8. Same here. Tracking was good before, somehow even better now.
  9. If you are in Arduino-territory, then I'd recommend the Teensy instead, it's like an Arduino with build in MIDI support (Also over USB). I'm using it myself for a MIDI-fied expression pedal, and a (preset)switcher I'm currently working on. PM on the way
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