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  1. Thanks all. I bit the bullet and got 2 2x10 cabs and 600w head. Even just 1 Of those cabs will be better than my current amp thanks all for your help. Wouldn’t have made the right choice with it
  2. Thanks guys. So I think I’m decided on going for the 600w head with 2 2x10 cabs. We had a gig last night where I discussed all your advice with the band and we’re gonna look at investing in improving our 850w PA. one last question on this (I hope - and btw, thank you to everyone who helped with this. It’s definiately given me a better understanding of all this watts and ohms malarkey) whilst we work on upgrading the PA, would the aforementioned combo of 2 2x10’s be sufficient to fill a modest size venue? With my current amp, I can hear myself on stage ok. It’s more about getting the bass volume out in conjunction with the PA thanks
  3. I’ve just checked the website and the 4x10 is 8ohms and a single 2x10 can is also 8ohms so does that mean to get maxiumunwattage from 600w head, I should go with the 2 2x10’s?
  4. So what would be the difference between using 2 2x10 speakers, which are 300w each, and using the 4x10 can which is 675w, with a 600w head? Aside from the obvious such as size and transport etc. 2 2x10 cabs will cost more than the 4x10
  5. I think I’m sold on the 600w then. But what would be the difference between having only the 4x10 and a mixture of 2x10 and/or 1x15 (obviously it’d be less gear to carry) but would there be a difference in volume/power? - I get there will be a tone difference
  6. Cool. So, if I don’t want to keep my current set up and go for the ashdowns, I should be looking at 600w head with either - 1 4x10 cab, - 2 2x10 cabs or a - 2x10 with a 1x15. Is this right? maybe I was going too far in regards to the 900w
  7. No. We have our own PA but it doesn’t have any bass bins. Hence why I play straight from the amp
  8. Thanks everyone. Was a bit nervous with it being my first post, but I’m really great full for the sound advice and for everyone going easy on me So I’ll need to have a chat with the guys in the band as we joint own the PA, but I’m still thinking of updating my rig. I’ve had the Ampeg for around 10yrs, although I love the sound of the amp. I also really like the sound of Ashdowns And they’re in my price range. So, with that being said, what would be your recommendations on the following gear: - Ashdown ABM EVO IV 600 Watt Bass Amplifier Head - Ashdown ABM 900 Watt EVO III Bass Anplifier Head both these heads are the same price, but the 600w is a newer spec speakers: - Ashdown ABM 410H 4x10 Bass Cab - Ashdown ABM-210H 300w 2x10 Compact Bass Ca - Ashdown ABM-115H Compact EVO IV Bass Cabinet so, for example, would the 600w head, combined with the 2x10 cab and 1x15 can be best, or would the 900w and 4x10 cab be the way to go? From what I understand of everyone’s comments, doing something like the 2x10, 1x15 and 900w would be a no go as I would be pushing too much through that set up whats everyone’s thoughts, please?
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone. It seems that I might be focusing on the wrong area and need to consider using our PA more. My worry is that I could blow the speakers up as we only have 2 speakers on stands, we don’t have any bass bins on the floor (currently, the drums are not mic’d up either). This was based upon some advice a sound engineer gave me years ago - putting the bass through the speakers youbpce on stands could blow up the speaker. Is this correct?
  10. I’m currently using an Ampeg BA210; 2x10 speakers and a tweeter im looking at and Ashdown set comprised of: - Ashdown ABM-115H Compact EVO IV - Ashdown ABM 410H 4x10 - Ashdown ABM 900 EVO III Im in 2 bands: 1 does original and the other does covers for weddings etc. It’s the covers band that usually gets more gigs (other band is usually at proper venues with a proper PA) our current PA, for the covers band, doesn’t have any bass bins to push the bass through. This band plays small venues usually; maybe between 50 - 100 people, if that
  11. Cheers for the comments guys. Really appreciated. This is my first foray into the realm of separate cabs so this is all new to me and my knowledge is pretty limited, at best! so it sounds like the 1x15 isn’t the best way to go (the 4x10 and 1x15 was the set up recommended to me in the music store). So I’ll have a look at a 2x10 instead (maybe even another 4x10 if I’m feeling flush!) any other recommendations or considerations I need? Would a 600w head be better, if I went for the 1x15. Reason I ask is our PA is 800w (I think) so would having these 2 cabs and a smaller 600w head be enough?
  12. Hi all This is my first time posting but I need some help and advice im looking to upgrade my current set up from a combi bass amp to a 2 cab and amp head set up. This is largely due to the gigs I now do mean I play straight from the amp, whilst guitars and vocals go over the PA ive been looking at what to get and I’ve decided to get a 4x10 cab with a 1x15 cab and a 900w amp head. My current amp is 450w and the issue I have is that the volume is lost when I play at most venues, pass the first few people. I believe this is due to the amp wattage and that it sits on the floor looking at the split cabs I don’t fully understand the ohms part. The new 4x10 has 650w output and the 1x15 has a 300w output. The head is 900w and supports a minimum of 4ohms i thought that more watts equals more volume. How does that translate to the ohms part. Can anyone help? btw, the cabs state they’re 8ohms thanks Dave
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