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  1. Hi I am making a lead for my Samson Concert 66 wireless system and need help with the connections Obviously using a mono connection from my guitar ....how do I connect that to the mini XLR (wire colours ect) Thanks Mike
  2. Mike Byrne

    Wireless System for Large Venue

    Having had a drop out problems and having spent a little bit of time researching possible causes, here is my good advice for Line 6 G30 use to help prevent drop outs · Turn the transmitter off: Check the individual LED’s channels on the receiver. The more red bars that show on any channel, then avoid that channel. The less red bars the better the channel reception is · Use the designated independent power for the receiver. It’s power hungry and your board pedal may be at its top end if you are running a small number of pedals · RF1 is less affected with Wi-Fi (Search changing it on YouTube, its dead easy to do) · Use a rubber band on the battery door. This ensures that the door is shut tight on the batteries · Turn off your phones Wi-Fi or run in Aircraft mode for the show
  3. All fitted and it sounds real good. I have the treble set around the indent and it sounds great in the mix. The bass is awesome with a lot of flexibility.... I'm more than happy
  4. Hi everyone I purchased one of these yesterday at a very attractive price of £90 new unused (£260 currently) .....The question is does anyone have any experience of Samson wireless systems and are they any good? I didn't have the time to ask yesterday so I guess the horse has bolted but feedback would be great. The guy had 3 bought for a band that didn't happen..... Cheers Mike
  5. Morning everyone. I'm about to fit a Retrovibe Stinger 77 to my Sterling Ray34. The 77 has red and black wiring for the pickup and on the Ray34 it's black and white You know where this is going
  6. No I used it’s last night for the first time and it sounded great but I was wondering if there was a different sound with the retro vibe. The treble took some taming last night but I guess I’ll figure the active sound out fairly quickly 👍
  7. Hi all Does anyone have any experience of these circuits. I have a Sterling Ray35ca and I’m wondering if it’s worth popping one of these in Thanks in advance Mike
  8. Mike Byrne

    Ampeg SCR-Di

    Any thoughts on the above folks ?????
  9. Mike Byrne

    Who did you see live last?

    Dan Baird and Homemade Sin....Ex Georgia Satellites and with Warner E Hodges (Jason & The Scorchers) as his sideman........ They are simply stunning and Rock 'n' Roll is what they do
  10. Early Mesa Fathom bass amplifier, same model later rebadged as the M6 Carbine. Tube preamp combined with a solid-state MOSFET power amp. Pushes 600 watts at either 4 or 2 ohms, 320 watts at 8 ohms, and is very loud, punchy and flexible. Has very flexible tone controls, and if used with a five way footswitch (not included), it is capable of switching between five different preset tone profiles and running a tuner & mute. This sale is for the Mesa head only and does NOT include anything else in the pictures. It’s in great condition and is an amazing amp. Please get in touch if you have any questions. I’m in Bolton and it’s collection only I’m afraid. Cheers Mike.... ps. I have an ABS 3U case available separately if your interested 👍
  11. Mike Byrne

    New TC Electronic heads

    £181 now which is fantastic value!
  12. Mike Byrne

    Loud mesa head advice

    Thanks for this great advice 👍
  13. Mike Byrne

    Loud mesa head advice

    Hi everyone I'm just after a little help with reducing the output volume on my Mesa M6 Fathom/Carbine head I've recently bought it and used it last night with a Mesa Powerhouse 8 ohm 2x10 and a Precision bass in a large pub. It sounds fantastic but it's stupidly loud with gain on half and the volume on circa 1!!!! Is there any advice to reduce the input maybe and would using the active circuit with my passive bass be detrimental to my sound in any way? Or do I lift the output and just lower the gain.... Thanks Mike
  14. Mike Byrne

    Scam warning

    It's taught me a lesson for sure
  15. Mike Byrne

    Scam warning