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Mike Byrne

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  1. Hi Mike,

    I'm in Swindon but from Lancashire originally and am visiting me mam at the end of the month.

    I'll give you a shout closer to the time and see if the cab's still for sale.

    I've done so much travelling lately, I can't face the journey mate.



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    2. SpondonBassed
    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      Do you only get drunk in Lancashire then Chewie? ;)

    4. Mike Byrne

      Mike Byrne

      Hi Chewie. Sorry for the slow response. I'm new on here and I' not coming on very often. I'm in Bolton so yes that's fine if you want to come up. I go away on the 25th for a week so be mindful of that. I store the cab at work so please give me notice so I can bring it home. I used it on Sunday with my new Mesa head and it sounded ace.....Cheers Mike 07545 145900 :)

  2. Mike Byrne

    Ampeg B410HLF inc flight case

    Hi Chewie. Yes it is. I need to use it on Sunday but after that you could take it. Let me know. Thanks Mike
  3. Hey Mike,

    Is the B410 still for sale?  Can't tell what year the ad was written.........!

    Kind regards,


    1. Mike Byrne

      Mike Byrne

      Hi Chewie. Yes it is. I only placed the add last week. I need it on Sunday but after that you would be ok to collect it. Cheers Mike

  4. Hi again Nik.....I've sent you a PM. Thanks Mike
  5. Hi Nik. Thanks for you reply....sadly I've decided its the Carbine I'm after. Regards Mike
  6. Hi folks....does anyone have one of these that they are looking to sell? If so please get in touch. Thanks in advance MIke
  7. Hi Nik. Is your Big Block still available? Thanks Mike
  8. Mike Byrne

    First Band what amp set up (purchase made)

    Hi. TC Electronic BG250 combo. Relatively light, very loud, built in tuner...Under £300 and circa £200 used. Fantastic sounds, great reliability and build quality! Highly recommended
  9. Mike Byrne

    Feedback for Mike Byrne

    Cheers Phil....My wife will just love me joining this group then!!!! lol
  10. Mike Byrne

    Italia Maranello 4 string

    Correct.... I'm in Bolton. Thanks for the comment Nik
  11. Mike Byrne

    Tech 21 Sansamp RBI

    Hi. I'm in Bolton and I would ship it for £12. Let me know if your interested and I have PayPal should you wish to buy it. Thanks Mike
  12. Mike Byrne

    Italia Rimini 4 string bass

  13. Mike Byrne

    Italia Rimini 4 string bass

    Hi. It's screwed on. This is a really nice bass for sure....Your very welcome to come and see it if your local
  14. As seen in the pictures. It has some gig scars but plays perfectly as it should. It’s an Ampeg so these cabs are built for the road. Includes the full protective flight case. 400watts @ 4ohms. Collection from Bolton only. Please get in touch with any questions. The amp and guitar are NOT included 😊 Cheers Mike
  15. Mike Byrne

    Bass Pod XT Pro

    Used but in really good condition and surplus to requirements. It's been in a rack for a while so whilst it has marks ect this does not impact on the Pod. Hundreds and hundreds of sounds and includes a patch library CD that has not been installed yet. Comes with a mains lead and USB patch lead for installing downloads from the LIne 6 site. Can be seen working and can be used in a studio or a live rig. i.e. Power amp and cab...There is a very slight wobble on the output knob but it works fine and there are no noises from it. Please get in touch with any question and these usually sell for just over £200 so grab a bargain....