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  1. I have a MM Sterling Ray 34 which i rarely use, i don't get on with active and don't need a large tonal range. I'm thinking of trading in for an FGN jmj ash m which i've tried at my local dealer. My other basses are Fender P's. Any thoughts on this fgn model?
  2. Facebook is a great thing if you just stick to the things and people you want to engage with. Other than that, aye it's a pain.
  3. Very much positive feedback for Vinorange re: Only a matter of hours from the start of business to the lovely Fender being in my hands via p/force. Very well packaged and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks very much Vin.
  4. Went to Guitar Guitar Glasgow last week intending to buy a sub 4... Came home with a Sterling Ray 34.. Done two full on practice nights, still in tune. Personally i found a significant difference in tone and of course fit, finish and feel enough to buy the more expensive one.
  5. I joined my band doing our own punk/oi in January As Lozz says, you've got to do start at the bottom, be prepared to travel, it's really only after folk have seen you live that they get the gist of you and word gets around that you're good enough for a gig and can be relied on I'm lovin' it, money means nothing to me when it comes to playing
  6. Thanks Ian, I'll let the fella have a look then
  7. Seriously interested Ian, I have been contemplating an American Pro but i have no experience of active Fenders, What's your experience of playing between active and passive?
  8. Tom 24

    Prodipe bass

    Oh it works for me alright, i'm just curious if anyone else has tried or uses one...
  9. Tom 24

    Prodipe bass

    Thanks for the replies but i've read about the company itself. I wondered if anyone had tried the guitars and had opinion. I liked that the company is made of real players and how they wanted to match instruments in the £400-£600 bracket but at half or third the price. The owner of the local shop i bought it from said it was every bit as good as a Mexican fender, if not better, ( he is an exprienced musician, not just a seller ). Last time i played a MiM was months ago for a couple of minutes, so can't compare on my own judgement.
  10. Tom 24

    Prodipe bass

    This is the guitar, comes with Alnico 5's and D'addario strings
  11. Tom 24

    Prodipe bass

    I have a Prodipe P bass which i think is sounding great. There seems to be very little on the net about them. Anyone here have opinions? I use this in a street punk/ Oi band so tones and fripperies aren't needed but it does feel nice to play. I'm wondering whether to buy another as a 2nd/spare or look at something else if anyone can advise. Thanks, T
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