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  1. I am playing Willenhall tomorrow and rehearse in Tipton every Wednesday. So if you want to organise a trial this weekend or next week let me know. I usually can tell if a bass is right weight and feel quickly. I prefer 8-9 lbs. Tried a sandberg superlight but at 6.5lb a tad too light. Tim
  2. Or flight out to UK and I'll buy you a balti curry and some beers
  3. Pm you Live nearby so can meet up to check etc
  4. Wish I'd seen this earlier. Just been to GBBL near Manchester this afternoon. Messaged you
  5. Where are you based as maybe interested to try?
  6. That is a seriously good bass and a very low price. It must be about £1700 new or more. Someone should grab a bargain, it sure would look good in my collection
  7. First Sandberg I bought and so cool. A mean rocking machine, and I prefer version 1 of this bass to newer design. Definitely makes a statement on stage both visually and sonically T
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