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    You can only have........

    Up until now I have gigged using a single fretted 5 string active J bass. It was supurbly flexible! The active EQ allowed for quick adjustments if I flipped between pick and fingers and for some old school Beatles covers I'd switch to passive mode and roll the tone off to get more of a vintage tone. I went 5 string so I didn't need to worry about retuning to drop D like the guitarists for certain songs. However, I've found the fiver feels like a battle to play at times, I have smaller hands and reaching round for the low B feels awkward. I recently picked up a 4 string which I felt was just so much more fun for me to play. So in future I think I will gig with 2x fretted Active PJ 4 strings, one with flats and one which might be in drop D tuning if needed for the set. I love the PJ pickup config and Active EQ for the range of tones I can get without having to adjust the amp's settings. I'm also thinking of something like a Radial Big Shot I/O (V2) for easy switching and balancing volume levels between the Instruments.
  2. PJ-Bassist

    Feedback thread for PJ-Bassist

    Opening a feedback thread for myself
  3. PJ-Bassist

    I'll just leave this here... (Tech21 content)

    @Tech21NYC I assume this will be formally announced at Namm but any information on avaibility here in the UK?
  4. PJ-Bassist

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    +1 , so I've always felt that aesthetically bass amplification is lacking someway behind whats available for guitarists.
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    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    The Little Mark Vintage amp looks to be their most aesthetically pleasing amp to-date IMO, granted that's not saying much given the bench. I really like my LMT, I assume it won't be too different tonally and the addition of the foot switchable mute is very welcome.
  6. PJ-Bassist

    I'll just leave this here... (Tech21 content)

    Ooh, I'd been thinking about a VT Bass for some classic rock tones for the covers band. Think I'll hold off a while and have a look at these when they are released.
  7. PJ-Bassist

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    I have to say I didn't think the Bass line on Lovefool was that bad. I've played worse with my covers band; sex on fire, teenage kicks, you've really got me (kinks original) all spring to mind. And if you're in a covers band that opt for one of these songs there's always an opportunity to make it your own as they say ... this chap does a good job of spicing it up: Does it serve the song as well though ?
  8. My personal goal was to not spend money. I'm still on track as long as I stick to selling before buying. Now I reckon if I sell my favourite kid on the black market I could probably raise enough for a Fodera, maybe just enough for a Squier selling one of the others.
  9. PJ-Bassist

    foxyFuze feedback

    I recently sold an amp head to Al. Great guy to deal with, no hassle agreeing price followed by prompt payment. Would absolutely deal with Al again in the future. Cheers
  10. I'm cashing in the 'thought occurred in 2018' pass! Gear4music had a good offer for a open box Q\Strip that I didn't want to pass up. I'm declaring myself still in!
  11. Sorry @Mark_ii - literally sold a few moments ago.
  12. Clearing out some books that I just never got round to using and never will. All in good condition, with CD's where applicable. Prices include 2nd Class delivery to UK Mainland addresses The Real Book - 6th Edition Bass Clef : £12.50 Sold Playing the Changes Bass - A linear Approach to Improvisation : £6.50 101 Bass Tips : £6.50 Jazz Bass : £6.50 The Total Jazz Bassist : £6.50 Music Theory For The Bass Player : £6.50 Sold
  13. PJ-Bassist

    Funk, Soul, Disco & Groove... Whats NEW!!!

    The Motet have a new album being released this month, this is the first song made available. I really like Garrett Sayers playing
  14. PJ-Bassist

    Lakland 44-64 on sale. Good deal for someone.

    I do not need that kind of temptation, damn you guitarguitar
  15. I had a simply awful rehearsal last night. Singer we were due to audition for our casual covers band dropped out last minute. Band agreed to get together and just jam - unfortunately this is a particular weakness of mine. Guitarists start busting out riffs and songs .. drummer gets into it and they are all going and sounding great. I'm left there thinking 'ummmm' .. after watching the 1 x guitarists finger board for a bit I'm able to start figuring out the chord progression and playing along (until a transition to a new section at least). Problem is my playing along is just sitting on the root note for said chord playing quarter notes, any variation I try and put in just sounds crap - be it me trying some syncopated rhythms or a fill. I just lacked ideas / creativity and anything I tried just wasn't executed well. It's frustrating to me that when they do this there's no discussion on what chord progressions are but that's never going to happen with this lot as they don't need it, they seem to quickly figure out what is going on.I left feeling utterly depressed and a bit humiliated - I'm on the verge of just quitting and telling them to find a better bassist. That being said - being able to just jam, no preparation and sound good is my playing ambition - 2019 is the year I'm going to achieve this, I'm determined. My cry for help is how do I go about acheiving that. I would love some advice from more seasoned / confident players on approach.
  16. Hey Guys, Does anyone know of some good transcriptions for the following two songs? - Get Up Ofta Thing - James Brown (Will Lee) - Fever In The Funk House - James Jamerson Thanks
  17. I had a similar problems with my 5 string J Bass with the B string. Though I had the same issue with D'addario Chromes so it's not solely an EB issue. I also noticed a ton of creaking and I'm not sure if it is related but the D string snapped when I was adjusting the tuning I didn't have the same issue when I put some on my 4 string PJ bass so I guess it was a defective string. I really love them on the PJ more so than I did on the J.
  18. This is what I'm really working on right now. For about 30 mins a day I've got a playlist of some super simple rock songs and I'm playing along, trying to figure out the key center and chord progression as quickly as I can. Then I start to play along and just improvising. Really simple for now, just roots and fifths but I'm just starting to play with some pentatonics for fills.
  19. PJ-Bassist

    Adding Tube Warmth to Solid State amp

    Eden Glow Plug. I've not tried one myself but I believe it's designed to-do what you are looking for, add tube warmth to Solid State amps via a real tube in a stomp box sized pedal. There's a review here http://www.bass-pedals.com/eden-glowplug-bass-tube-warmer-review/ I think the biggest issue with it is that it requires a 15v power supply.
  20. Lovely guitars - I massively regret selling my 44-01.
  21. * UPDATE, Cabinet now sold so just the head available* This has been my gig rig for the past 2 years (that's only a handful of gigs mind). I've recently purchased a Hybrid Markbass head which I'm running through an old Eden cabinet (also for sale) and I no longer need my GK rig. Included in the sale is: GK MB500 Amp Head CK CX410 8ohm Cabinet SOLD Foot switch for boost channel GK Gig Bag for Amp Head Power, Speakeron and Footswitch cables I believe I also have the box in the loft (to be confirmed) £275 for the head. In good working order and condition though there are a few cosmetic marks to the top of the head and on the cabinet I would say Amp is 4/5 condition and cabinet 3.5/5. The gain control pot is a bit scratchy so probably needs a clean. Collection from WD17 3AQ or I will send via insured postage for an extra £15. Specs on GK's website. https://www.gallien-krueger.com/mb-500-specs https://www.gallien-krueger.com/cx-410-specs