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  1. Yes, I just assumed it would have one so didn't even think to check. Typical EHX
  2. I have one of these, it's much more robust than the amPlug and works pretty well, the belt clip on the back is handy but it does lack some of the great features of the Amplug. The lack of an aux input is the biggest issue for me, I'd like to be able to plug my mp3 player in so I can jam to some backing tracks.
  3. That's cool, but I don't have a BSW and am unlikely to get one. The C4 looked more versatile and I liked the idea of potentially using the expression pedal to do some pitch bends (if possible) like on the original deeper underground recording.
  4. Has anyone got any patches that give that Jamiroquai synth sound like deeper underground ?
  5. Have a look at the Source Audio C4 for the synth sounds I'm really tempted by one of these
  6. I'm curious to try one of these out, Laney are such an underrated brand.
  7. One for the Christmas list
  8. I've really fallen for Sandberg instruments this year. I think my signature model would be a California II VT4 , 3 tone sunburst with tort pickguard, reverse P pickup and relic'd - a lot like my current bass (in my profile pic). Some one made a point earlier about a sig model being something that wouldn't be readily available to buy off the shelf so I'd ask sandberg for a few tweaks to standard - Black label pickups rather than Delano's - Rosewood neck with clay dots like on vintage fenders - A more vintage styled bass bridge - Rather than a pickup blend, I'd like to have a two position switch: position one Isolated P pickup (with the J completely out of the circuit) and position two a 50/50 blend of the two since they are the only two settings I ever use. - Ernie Ball Cobalt Flat strings, 45 - 100 gauge A second would a straight V4, in black with a light relic finish. Same neck, strings, bridge as above and a reverse P black label pickup.
  9. Hi All, Selling a 12" Laney Monitor set. I picked these up used around 18 months ago for a few gigs we did last year. They've been stored in my garage for the past 6 months since I've left the band. I'm decluttering to move house so these need to go. 1x Powered CP12 and 1x Passive CM12 in used condition. You can view the manual online for specs and instructions. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://pdf.textfiles.com/manuals/STARINMANUALS/Hohner%20-%20Laney/CP10,%20CP12,%20CP15.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjE0rXszsblAhXPQ0EAHWz_CR0QFjAAegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw3KDLyFj2JB8kRhzrkeJ7UG Collection only, no trades. Cheers PJ
  10. Haha, they always sound great for other people but absolute crap for me. Been through tons of them (B3K, VMT, Tight Drive, MXR Bass Overdrive) and not found one I get on with unless I'm using it for a bit of subtle grit (for which the B3K was actually the best). Thanks, I used to have the V1 years ago, didn't ever use it but will check out the V2. The pedal I really want to check out is the C4 Synth by source Audio.
  11. Yes, still looking. In fact I've decided that I hate all Bass overdrives and I'm going to move on my VMT Deluxe which will free up more space on the pedal board so a larger stomp box would be fine.
  12. In fairness a lot of the pictures in that previous thread are no longer visible.
  13. I've tried a few different types of flats on my PJ and P basses. I'm currently really liking Ernie Balls. On my PJ I have Cobalt Flats and on my P their Group III flats. I also tried Rotosound Jazz 77's, I really liked those too. I didn't care much for La Bella's or for Chromes.
  14. She'll never know! Reposted from Scott Devine's instagram.
  15. I'm too busy playing bass to sort it out properly
  16. Hi Folks, so I've had lots of queries as to if I'll courier the bass round the various parts of Europe. This is a possibility through Eurosender but I dont have a suitable hardcase. The cheapest are around £45 GBP from various online resellers which could be added on to the sale price + the cost of a courier if you wanted to proceed with that. Thanks
  17. Ha, so my beloved relic'd Sandberg is the sum of all these hates. Any thoughts on Maple Necks, or Maple Necks with Tort pick guards, or oversized pole pickups ???😂
  18. Things with Eurosender getting worse. After receiving the e-mail above I spoke to the recipient of the bass who asked that the courier comes Monday rather than Friday so the guitar is not sitting on a Van / in a Warehouse over the weekend. Fair enough, I called Eurosender who said no problem and I got further e-mail confirmation that the Bass will be collected Monday. DPD show up about 30 minutes ago to pick up 2 parcels (??), when my wife advised that they should be coming on Monday the DPD driver was extremely rude to her about his wasted time, and how this wasn't DPD's fault. They've now cancelled the collection and insisting I rebook :(.
  19. If I ever bought a brand new Land Rover Defender and it was an option then I'd opt for the Reliced finish :). It's all about the image. I have a roadworn and a non-roadworn Sandberg V series, love them both (but the road worn one a little more)
  20. Hmm, I'm not off to a good start with Eurosender. Firstly I forgot to use the Basschst Discount code (grrrr) then on the day DPD were due to pick up the bass I get this email.
  21. Like Ashdown I guess as a brand that just have never really found themselves in fashion but their Nexus range looked quite interesting.
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