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  1. A bad workman and all that, but my current soldering iron is a bit crap. I need to fix a few issues with the pre / pots in my Fender active bass and figured I may as well get a better iron to do the work with. Any recommendations?
  2. PJ-Bassist

    Soldering Iron Recommendations

    Thanks all!
  3. PJ-Bassist


    Chad was by far the stand out performance. I only got to watch the first 20 mins or so but he was excellent. Agreed, vocally it was appalling. In every live performance I've seen Kiedis sounds awful and Josh's harmonies were equally terrible. I've never seen them live but I don't think I would ever rush out to do so. Much better listening to the recorded versions.
  4. PJ-Bassist

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    I was just thinking this - drug offences, violence and even murder barely get a second thought, in fact there is a whole genre of music that very often glamourises these crimes.
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    Anyone else watching the live stream from Egypt?
  6. @agedhorse i think to solve this issue you need to get the folks at MESA to agree to providing basschatters with a £300 cashback reward for every new WD-800 purchase.
  7. PJ-Bassist

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    This is a very interesting thread. There were a few MJ bass lines on my to learn list. Now the bassist and producers are who performed and recorded those parts are not guilty of anything other than being associated to the man. I dont beliebe MJ did much of the composition work, however I still find myself thinking its probably in poor taste to learn them now, let alone think about performing them.
  8. PJ-Bassist

    App for set lists

    Are Band helper and Set list helper the best options for Android? It looks like OnSong and Deep dish are IOS only . I decided at last night's rehearsal that I definitely have to get something like this, even if just for me !
  9. I don't think it can be the retailer? I doubt they make that much margin on these products. Perhaps it's the distributor for Mesa in Europe who is setting the pricing? Its a shame, I'd love a MESA rig but, even though I could probably stretch to afford one, as LukeRFC pointed out there are so many other quality options at lower price points it's really hard to justify. Maybe after Brexit we'll agree a trade deal with the US and prices will tumble down
  10. PJ-Bassist

    Rant. YouTube reviews

    Read this and thought, Scott Devine. I think Scott is a good educator but his YT channel is click bait of the worst kind. Though I'm not sure he's guilty of the last one!
  11. Hi Guys,. I'm looking for some thoughts on the Barefaced cabinet range. I'm considering a new cabinet, possibly a barefaced option. My current set up consists of a GK MB500 head (used as a power amp, with a Tech21 BFR as the Pre-amp) partnered with either a Hartke Hydrive 112 cabinet for rehearsals, or a GK CX410 for the few gigs I've done. The Hartke cab came with the head as a combo package but I'm not sure I like it that much. I certainly prefer the 410 but the size makes it impractical to take out to rehearsals and is a bit overkill for the size gigs I've been playing and are ever likely to play. Looking at Barefaced product range I couldn't decide whether the Super Compact or the Two 10 would be a better fit. I like the idea of the Two 10 given my preference for the CX410 but I understand it's voiced to be retro and so there might be some additional coloring added to my tone that the Super Compact might not give. I couldn't find a comparison demo between the two, does any one have any thoughts or experiences. What non-barefaced alternatives exist, i'm aware of TKS and obviously all the major brands such as Peavy, GK, Ampeg - does anything particularly stand out.
  12. PJ-Bassist

    DR Strings

    I used a set of Sunbeams for a short period of time. I liked them and wouldn't hesitate using them again if I went back to round wounds. I just checked Amazon.co.uk as i remembered they were inexpensive and the 40-100 gauge are currently selling for less than £20(dispatched from the US).
  13. PJ-Bassist

    First gig with new band. Del Bromham/Stray

    Listening now
  14. PJ-Bassist

    First gig with new band. Del Bromham/Stray

    Great picture - looks like a real blast. I don't know Stray but I'm to give them a listen this afternoon.
  15. PJ-Bassist

    Free Bass Transcriptions

    I heard this played at an open mic night last week and thought how great the baseline was. Added to the must learn this Thank you!!!
  16. PJ-Bassist

    Shuker Custom J Build

    As per a few recent posts I've made regarding my 40th birthday and that my wife wanted to get me a really nice Bass for a present, this here forum got me turned on to the idea of a Custom build! After looking at Shuker, GB, ACG and Sei I found I was drawn to Shuker guitars more and after a few interactions with Jon and heading up to his workshop in the Peak District to try a few recent builds I found I really liked the neck profile and build quality of his instruments! So I'm in on a Shuker bass build. After initially flirting heavily with the Horn body shape I've settled on the Custom J with a slightly extended top horn and Shuker designed headstock. I mocked up a template based on some examples from the Shuker website as to what I'm expecting it to look like. Jon's sent me a load of options for top woods so I just need to pick one and finalise my decision on bridge / tuners. I hope to get the order in this week.
  17. PJ-Bassist

    Shuker Custom J Build

    Specification finalised (pending my final decision on drop top) and deposit paid. My rough photoshop mock-ups of what I'm hoping to end up with! Myrtle Option 1 Myrtle Option 2 Alder Tone Wood
  18. I had a simply awful rehearsal last night. Singer we were due to audition for our casual covers band dropped out last minute. Band agreed to get together and just jam - unfortunately this is a particular weakness of mine. Guitarists start busting out riffs and songs .. drummer gets into it and they are all going and sounding great. I'm left there thinking 'ummmm' .. after watching the 1 x guitarists finger board for a bit I'm able to start figuring out the chord progression and playing along (until a transition to a new section at least). Problem is my playing along is just sitting on the root note for said chord playing quarter notes, any variation I try and put in just sounds crap - be it me trying some syncopated rhythms or a fill. I just lacked ideas / creativity and anything I tried just wasn't executed well. It's frustrating to me that when they do this there's no discussion on what chord progressions are but that's never going to happen with this lot as they don't need it, they seem to quickly figure out what is going on.I left feeling utterly depressed and a bit humiliated - I'm on the verge of just quitting and telling them to find a better bassist. That being said - being able to just jam, no preparation and sound good is my playing ambition - 2019 is the year I'm going to achieve this, I'm determined. My cry for help is how do I go about acheiving that. I would love some advice from more seasoned / confident players on approach.
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    That's not my experience, normally they won't shut up 😀
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    @ped What about a forum to rival JoinMyBand or Bandmix?? Those sites annoy the hell out of me and I sure it could be done a lot better. I know there is a sub-forum here for fiinding bands but I think there's definitely a need for a well run, dedicated 'band finder' forum. PM me if you think the idea has legs..
  21. PJ-Bassist


    There's a lot of guitar forums out there already, with established user bases that are very active. I guess the ideal scenario would have been if all of us had gotten guitarists we know on to it as an instant user base. Without that I imagine it would take a lot of effort and maybe some expense to get it really going.
  22. PJ-Bassist


    There is not a single Chili's album I've not enjoyed for the most part (including One Hot Minute). Completely agree that BSSM was probably the pinnacle, that Stadium Arcadia should have been a single CD release and that post John it's not been the same but, but they remain a band that I listen to frequently .
  23. PJ-Bassist

    If You Had £3000 For a Bass ....

    What would you buy? It's my 40th birthday this year, might treat myself.
  24. PJ-Bassist

    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm looking forward to the new Snarky album this month. Been warming up with their promo release
  25. PJ-Bassist

    Does anyone actually use their B string?

    I had a friend who switched to Yamaha five strings solely to use the B as a thumb rest. I don't think he'd ever played a single note on it.