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  1. Thanks - going to check these guys out!
  2. Booked matched pieces.
  3. Oh, June 8th London. Very tempted by this, I wouldn't mind keeping a singed mint copy for future investment. Would go nicely with my sealed Robert Trujillo signed copy of the Jaco movie.
  4. Things have been on hold for a little while with my build; which is OK because things have gone on hold for a little while with my playing too :). The reason for the delay was me asking Jon to find some Walnut for the drop top, after seeing some amazing walnut examples posted by Alpher on Social Media I was hoping Jon could find something similar. Alas not, however, he did pick up this lovely piece of English Elm which I've commissioned. Hopefully Jon will be able to slice it up this week and show me the book matched pieces and we can get the build going again.
  5. Having grown up listening to alternative and hard rock music through the 90s and early 00s I thought I was going to be a rock fan for life. However since becoming a bass player I've really fallen out of love with the genre as I struggle to get excited about Rock baselines (Geddy excluded) Now I'd now much rather listen to funk, soul or blues - rock has most definitely died for me.
  6. Getting a good band name is almost as difficult as finding a reliable lead guitarist!!
  7. +1 on this. Have seen a few of these threads posted recently and was thinking that a forum sub-section where BC'ers can post and promote their Online Content would be useful to help keep the General Discussion chann clear.
  8. I've got real GAS for a California II VM2 or TM2
  9. Is it just me or are Sandberg really raising their game (or at least marketing) of their custom options.
  10. The manual for the Plex pre-amp gives details of the frequencies affected by the filters. I don't know if they will be the exactly the same for the Legacy amps as they seem to be either on or off but will share them for reference.
  11. IIRC from my old Plex pre-amp and MB head Contour is a mid-scoop filter Bump gives a bump to the low end frequencies Presence boosts the mids
  12. G4M always do this, list items with an expected date that is completely unrealistic just to drive pre-order revenue. I first encountered this issue when I pre-ordered a GK Plex through them - was about 3-4 months after their estimated date that they were actually released in the UK but I've seen them do it with a number of products (including the new Tech21 Geddy pedal).
  13. These look really great! I really liked my MB500 head and GK gabs, I moved it on to give Mark Bass a go as I fancied a change and I could never get that GK grind from the MB that the old RB's were famed for. If the new legacy's reproduce it then I'd have no hesitation in grabbing one.
  14. Argh, wish I'd seen this about 3 days ago - I would have snapped it up.
  15. I (now) own both a California V4 I and V4 II. The II is superbly balanced but can't say I have noticed a neck dive issue on the I. Might put some light weight tuners on it all the same.
  16. Reviving this thread from a few months ago to ask if anyone knows if it's possible to buy the Black Label pickups for an after sale swap. I haven't seen anywhere that sells them directly .
  17. Will trade for a MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe in similar condition.
  18. Will trade for a MXR Bass Chor us Deluxe in similar condition.
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