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  1. I purchased a PedalTrain pedal board from Brian.  It arrived quickly and was packaged extremely securely.   Thanks very much for responding to my wanted ad Brian, the Nano+ is great. 

  2. 9 minutes ago, Nicko said:

    That may be the most relevant answer on this thread as to whether I should keep the gear so far.😒

    Yup - @Al Krow's rule of thumb for used gear is nice but for certain brands, Markbass and Sandberg from my personal experience, the loss is significant and you're lucky to get a good return on them.  I sucked it up on the basses because I wanted the Sadowsky but it was too galling to take the hit for the amp and cab too.  So I keep it for if I need it - if I get back into gigging again then I'll reconsider.. who knows it might be considered vintage by that point and be worth something again.

  3. Somewhat similar situation for me in that for personal reasons just prior to the pandemic I had to give up my band commitments.

    I've spent the last 12 months moving on all my gear downsizing and investing in a smaller number of higher quality pieces such as a nice Sadowsky bass, a decent audio interface and recording software / plugins.

    I did keep my Markbass head and 2*10 cabinet.  I considered moving it on but the depreciation on Markbass equipment is very high if you buy new (like Sandberg basses) and I figured I'd want it if any jam opportunities came up.

  4. Excellent service received from Brian at EarlPilanz for my scratch plate.  Thanks for the recommendations.

    Had the original and new ones back within 2 days of him receiving the original to use as a template.

    Overall pleased with the result, black looks a lot better than the original mint coloured guard IMO.  Only niggle is that It's about 2mm out on the bottom edge next to the control plate.


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  5. 1 hour ago, AndyTravis said:

    I’m on holiday after Tuesday next week, I’ve ordered fresh sets of strings for al my basses and will do a comparison between a few of the Bb’s.

    Hoping to have an up and running reverse p/j by then too.


    Same strings on all the basses??


  6. Did any more information emerge about these new Trace Amps?

    And despite the UK branding on the boxes I've seen on the Elf's are these all designed in the US and produced in the Far East?

    I've never owned a trace rig, too big and heavy to consider these days but I've played through a couple of TE cabinets at rehearsal studios which were great.

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  7. Purchased a Xvive wireless setup from Paul. Unfortunately it didn't work out for me so it's back up for sale but that's nothing to do with @bassfan.

    The buying process was excellent, Paul offered me a great price - had it in the post the next morning, provided me with  all the tracking details and I received it the next day.

    Great communication, well packaged, good price.  Would happily buy gear from Paul again, especially if he fancied offloading one of those lovely basses 😁

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  8. Hi All,

    Any recommendations on where to get a replacement pickguard made for a MIJ Sadowsky Metroline?

    Sadowsky no longer sell them direct, I'm in conversation with Pickguard planet in the US but I'm sure there may be a cheaper alternative here in the UK - any recommendations?



  9. 27 minutes ago, bassfan said:

    I thought I’d posted this a while back... clearly not! 


    That's a lot of Jazz bass goodness right there.   The status is a bit of a snob though .. won't slum it there on the sofa with the J's

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  10. Lovely looking relic'd Jazz.

    Do you know much about the construction process - is it assembled from parts and then relic'd or does Alan luthier any of parts himself?

    I think with limelights the body's are made but they use allparts necks?

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