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  1. The string spacing is 19-20mm at the bridge, the spacing can be adjusted on the bridge (see pics). The bass weighs ca. 3.8kg.
  2. Still available. I'd also trade this for a Yamaha TRB 5 II (with some extra money from my side). [edit: No longer interested in trades - found a TRB ]
  3. SOLD Selling a Bass Collection 5-string, made in Japan 1988. I believe it is an SB505. There is no indication of the model number anywhere on the bass, but I found some catalogue pages on Talkbass and here on Basschat that match it. Sen (Japanese Ash) body, 3-piece neck, brass nut, ebony fingerboard, Gotoh hardware (3D adjustable bridge), 2-band active electronics. Condition is pretty good, some buckle rash and small dents, but no large gouges (see pics). The nut is loose and is held in place by the strings, needs to be fixed eventually. The bass is located in Bielefeld, Germany. Collection preferred, but I'm willing to post within the EU, at buyer's expense. I'll put it into a padded gigbag for shipping.
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