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  1. Marcoelwray

    Alternative to Squier VM?

    Thanks folks I actually have a Vintage Icon, but the finish is awful, I had to remove the plastic fretlines because it was moving, I don't really like the sound of the pickups, neck is ok and playability also. I am still hesitating between the Squier and the Sire... I have to admit that I don't like Sire basses because it's "hype" to have one, and I never heard bad feedbacks about the VM's... (And I refuse to pay for a Fender) I'm not really in a hurry, I'm enjoying the Vintage but it also has a defect machine head... I think it's really too expensive for the quality you get.
  2. Marcoelwray

    Roland DB-500 combo

    I should be able to repair that one
  3. Marcoelwray

    Alternative to Squier VM?

    Hi folks, I'm looking in a middle term to invest very moderatly in a fretless bass, 4 string, Jazz style. I know that Squier's are a good deal, but I don't know any good alternatives... There is Sire, but it's a bit too electronic to my tastes (I prefer a passive one, in worst case I'll add a preamp myself)... Any toughts? Cheers Marco
  4. Marcoelwray

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

    I'm really curious about the neck!
  5. Marcoelwray

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

  6. Marcoelwray

    Elwray Infinga 4 Bass - Reviews

    Don't worry, it won't be damaged The flight case is solid enough. Thanks for the pictures! Much appreciated!
  7. Marcoelwray

    Best bass in the world?

    People just read title and answer to say "my bass is the best". Mostly. That was absolutely not the question. But how did you find the one? What was your cursus in tone seeking research? Etc...
  8. Marcoelwray

    Feedback for Hellzero

    Another wonderful and totally unscheduled trade arranged in 1 hour and the very same night I was at Tony's place.... Warm welcome, lots of gear to try, a perfect trade and a nice evening!
  9. Marcoelwray

    Elwray Infinga 4 Bass - Reviews

    Mmmh dat is niet zeer goed voor mijn bas ja? Wij nog niet weet hoe is volgende!
  10. Marcoelwray

    Elwray Infinga 4 Bass - Reviews

    Rich, don't worry, most of "classy/fancy" english words come fromp French
  11. Marcoelwray

    Elwray Infinga 4 Bass - Reviews

    I should have called (is that gramatically correct?) this thread "The Unexpected Perigrinations of a Belgian Experiment in United Kingdom"
  12. Marcoelwray

    SBL Technique Accelerator Course

    I didn't read the entire topic but I was one year on SBL, I will never go back on this school. The content is quite pertinent but I can't stand Mr Devine anymore, he's too much on the buzz, clickbait, buisness way for me. Some masterclass are really intersting though, like Rich Brown's ones.
  13. traded here, please close thanks
  14. Marcoelwray

    F/S 2018 Shuker P bass (Mint)

    any trade options?
  15. Marcoelwray

    Elwray Infinga 4 Bass - Reviews

    Nice ideas Rich! The question is, who's next? There's no rush here .... 😕 If one of you want to get it back a whil it's OK I'll pay the send costs to @BreadBin