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  1. Ans here is the sound sample, the description is in the comments. Cheers
  2. Like me. Sorry I'm not native English speaker, rude might be a strong word, but I meant Something like whining about
  3. @LondonBassGuitarShow Dear Basschatters, I think you people here are a bit rude to people who work on a show. I never went to a LBGS before, okay, but I think, IMHO, that gathering both shows in the same place and organize all the stuff, moving out of the "confort zone" they used to, ask for a lot of efforts from the people who organize all that. I'm really happy to go there and I'm glad they change to a sort of NAMM formula.
  4. SO I guess it's unbranded .... I can have it for 20 - 25, that's not even the price of the QP pickup....
  5. Hi Henry. Yes my bad, I didn't reply yet, very not polite from me. I will. In Warwick shop I just see 1 reference number for both Rockbass and Warwick cavities. To my knowledge, I already used covers on both models, without considering if it's a Rockbass or a Warwick
  6. Speaking of wood, mine was in "hard rock maple" and I do not find a lot of SR in this wood, even in the early 2000....
  7. I'm asking because after trying a thousand basses (sort of speak), I miss my old SR405 from 1999. I played 19 years on it, I learned almost all techniques on it, I'm so used to 16.5 string spacing.. I think, finally, that a "simple" (I mean not a fancy custom Fodera or Warwick etc) SR is a really good answer to my 5 string needs.
  8. Hello I know it's hard , because there's a lot of them and it could be a DIY bass. But it looks quite old and the maple of the neck seems to be a nice chunk of wood. The pickup is obviously a QP from Seymour Duncan, but I didn't success to find such a headstock on Google. If someone may have an idea....
  9. Thanks. I don't really like the half glossy weird look on the 1825, but I really like the 1305 design. Funny that the 2605 has a number looking more premium (isn't the 11 ply atlas?) And so few different specs besides the 1305.
  10. Hello I think it's a good place to ask. I'm interested in a SR but I'd like to know if there's any differences between the SR1305 and SR1825 and SR2605 except for the woods? They're all in the same price range (1305 is a bit cheaper), but if I'm not mistaken (at least for the 1305 and 1825) pickups and preamps are the same.... , Frets , neck profile, bridge, tuners.... Same too? Thanks
  11. It seems nobody is interested.... Indeed quite expensive for a shitty Rockbass. Such a shame.
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