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  1. Thanks ! We'll see. Worst case scenario, I'll keep it ! But with the bolt on, I can make as much necks as needed of course, if it's not perfect, I will not sell it! But it'll be!
  2. Actually the bass has returned, it's on my wall... I said I will make a video but I didn't find any time for it.... My bad. It was cool anyway, this bass has now a story...
  3. Thanks for all your replies! Very interesting and helpful. To be honest, everything is already calculated... So with 1200 euros I pay all the Materials and gear, including shipping and gigbag. Of course my handwork is undervalued here but it is, indeed, for the enjoyment of making basses, not for a living. My price point is, IMHO, nicely placed. Because I selected the wood myself, and the components, and the pickups. So it'll be not a "custom shop" instrument. In the other hand, I count on someone's GAS on this. Anyway, it'll be only for sale on basschat, and like Henry said I'm not famous so this price tag seems correct to me. Still, it's a full handmade instrument, built with love. And yes, I will make templates this time to plan a small batch of these, but not necessarily in the same woods (same model although) My build diary is open to ee, so the job previously done is public. I try to look at companies prices, like Warwick for instance, and for a bolt on German streamer "handcrafted" you have to pay 1700 euros. So 1200 seems totally fair, even if the work done is undervalued.
  4. Question; Admitting the bass it flawless, delivered with Gigbag (Ritter), Strings (Elixir), is equipped with Delano pickups and Schaller Light machine heads, Hipshot bridge (oh my, those are expensive!), Is 1200€ (£1060) a fair price? @Andyjr1515 @Jabba_the_gut @Manton Customs guys, you're more experienced than me, I'd love to have your opinion on this...
  5. Hello hello, Last project is still waiting, Delano TF are quite expensive. And I did the Rockbass, and I have to finish a fretjob. But, I'm planning a new project, not too fancy this time; my first bolt-on Infinga. And it'll be for sale. So far the project consist as an Infinga bass with the following specs: - 4 string bass BO construction, 19mm string spacing, 38,5mm nut - Afzelia body with wengé veneer - Bubinga neck 3 ply, C shaped - Maple fretboard with 24 brass frets - Delano P/J or P/twin J configuration - Passive electronics Vol/Blend/Tone (w/ switch if Twin Jazz used) - All Schaller Copper Vintage hardware (Schaller 3D, M4 90 machine heads, copper vintage knobs and stralocks) IF anyone is interested or know somebody that could be interested, please share as long as I didn't start the process (woods are already chosen, but all the configuration can be customized)... If not, I'll put this on the Marketplace for about 1000€, delivered with Gigbag. Thanks ! I'll share the process here, as usual.
  6. Hello ee, I'd like to make a poll to know what is the most used. If you only use nylon strings I'm sorry, I just made two picks: SS or Ni. Doesn't matter if you use flats or rounds, just the material count here. Thanks!
  7. Sure, but ungluing is not something that an instrument has to live technically.... Very stupid decision from Warwick to change their old removable truss. But, what the... I'll try that.
  8. Especially now, because I thought of a Amaranth fretboard with brass frets... It'll be just a little bit ostentatious, but.... But I have to admit that unglue the FB, change the truss, reglue the fretboard is the cheapest solution. By far. FYI (everyone) : my 2004 Streamer's neck is a bit thinner so it's possible to fit in the Rockbass pocket, but needs a little shimming, and of course the Rockbass neck is a little bit too wide for the Streamer's neck pocket. So if someone's wondering, possible but needs some little adjustments.
  9. @Andyjr1515 Patience.... I don't like that plus for 70 euros I've got the whole bunch (truss, wood, brass frets). I strongly believe when you start heating/steaming a neck, it can't be good for the neck laminations too... I mean I've seen all videos about that on YT, seems really doable but way too long and needs too much patience for me... I'm still thinking about that...
  10. Because replacing the truss rod means unglue the fretboard and that is really not cool.
  11. I need to send the whole bass, and for a total of 535 euros, they will replace the neck with a new one (price is 194) but there is handwork (235 euros) and some others costs.... He sent me the detailed price but said that I can't get only the neck... I think it's a way to avoid people to fix their basses themselves.... That's a bit of a shame because broken truss is the number one disease on Warwick basses.
  12. Well, it seems that Warwick doesn't want to sell necks without the service, for obvious reasons like avoid counterfeits.... I get it, but I can't afford to spend a total of 535 euros, for a 194 euros neck I can adjust myself. So I think I'll go for the new fretboard, new trussrods and brass frets... A set of brass frets is about 40 euros, a truss about 30, maple isn't a problem, so it's just about 70 euros and more handwork to repair the neck. Action is really fair in drop D tuning, so I don't know yet when I'm about to start this venture...
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