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  1. I'll be there. Everything is booked. Can't wait.
  2. Thanks to all of you. Indeed it's not genuine Warwick CS so I guess it worth stinky poo from a collector's side. I should put some samples. It's a player, despite the classy Thuya burl top look.
  3. I would go for a Delano JMVC HE set. Not expensive, growl, punch, articulation. In a more mid-character-oriented pickups the Delano Jazz tofferrite (times Square) are a good option but quite expensive IMHO. A good set of EMG JHZ does the job right on the spot and is really affordable (electronics included, no welding required) but it'll sound more cold.
  4. 4,034Kg exactly. Here's some actual condition pictures.
  5. Pickups screws are also gold, and pay attention to description please, this isn't the good neck on the pictures!
  6. Hello Due to shitty Financial situation, I put on sale my beloved and totally finished custom Rockbass. It's not really a Rockbass anymore, here's the specs: - Body from 2011 $$4 Corvette in Swamp Ash - New Thuya Burl Top made by myself - Neck is now (not on the pictures, sorry, but I can provide them by PM) a Warwick 1995 Corvette full Wengé, with brass JAN and brass frets. (removable trussrod) - All the hardware is new and gold (even the neck screws and bushings) - Passive Electronics Vol/Blend/tone - Delano PC 4 HE/M2 + JC 4 HE/M2 It plays beautifully and sounds like a propre German Warwick, plus the custom side AND the unusual PJ configuration for a corvette. NO TRADES, SALE ONLY, NO DISCOUNT, SHIPPING TO UK INCLUDED. (a soft gigbag will be included) Here's some pics:
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. I don't think, IMHO, that the stage is the main attraction there.... Personally I don't even plan this for my weekend...
  9. @Silvia Bluejay thanks, so I'll go for the whole weekend so!
  10. Hi everyone, I'm currently planning my trip to LGBS with a friend, we'll stay for the weekend , but I just have a question (sorry if it has been already covered): What's the "advance Sunday" ? We will spending a little amount of money (Eurostar, hotel, etc...) So we prefer to go to the best version of the LGBS, and it'll be my first time in UK fellows! Thanks!
  11. Refinishing a Fame Neck through. Mayones decreased their quality since these times. No more arched body, no more wood cavity cover....


    1. Soledad


      Really top work on these earlier ones I reckon. I was gobsmacked when I discovered the cavity cover was carved from a solid lump of ovangcol. Mine's a bolt-on (6 bolts mind) and the fit and compound curves between neck and body are excellent and hard to get just right.
      Don't so much like the current ones, a bit blingy for me - but if I ever came across a 4 or 5 fretted I'd prob need that.

    2. JohnFitzgerald


      I have two of these basses.
      A six string bolt on and a four string fretless.

      Both stunning to look at and both built to an impeccable standard, in my view.



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