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  1. Marcoelwray

    Elwray Basses - Infinga 4 is in UK!

    @Bridgehouse @Hellzero hey fans of fretless! I finally refinished this prototype, take off the awful fretting, now it's a nice 34" scale high C fretless. With a REAL 16" radius. Not finished but it seems to play flawless so far...
  2. Marcoelwray

    High C Black Nylons?

    Thanks guys! I'm going to check those .42 LaBella....
  3. Marcoelwray

    NBD - Warwick GPS Corvette

    "German Pro Series"
  4. Marcoelwray

    warwick thread

    Sure! But the only thing that makes me prefer older ones (except price) is the little flat old frets... WHY DO THEY STOP THAT?
  5. Marcoelwray

    Warwick infinity sn 4 string

    You're such a lovely guy
  6. Marcoelwray

    warwick thread

    So I help you right now with this https://m.thomann.de/be/warwick_masterbuilt_thumb_bass_nt_4.htm Oh, stupid me, this is not so expensive... Let's go for a 5: https://m.thomann.de/be/warwick_masterbuilt_thumb_bass_nt_5.htm Hope you're doing better now mate. 😁
  7. Marcoelwray

    High C Black Nylons?

    It's for a five but the problem is already there.. can't imagine for a 6er....
  8. Marcoelwray

    High C Black Nylons?

    Hi folks Looking for these but nothing so far... I like to play with LaBella's, don't like the Roto too much, I'm open to suggestions... No real preferences for the gauge, but I don't like guitar strings so around .030 for the C is good.. Thanks!
  9. Marcoelwray

    Warwick infinity sn 4 string

    Got an Idea; Give it to me as a Christmas present
  10. Marcoelwray

    Jazz/Stingray pickup

    Very good demo
  11. Marcoelwray

    Warwick infinity sn 4 string

    Yeah but who's my father Xmas??? Where is he?
  12. Marcoelwray

    Warwick infinity sn 4 string

    You are tempting people. That's not right. If I haven't made my Infinga 4, I'll use this as a ADGC bass. Money....
  13. Marcoelwray

    Scratchplate screw holes

  14. Marcoelwray

    Warwick infinity sn 4 string

    suuure ! If I could, I'll get both. But hard enough to be able to afford a 5 Pro I so I have to cool down my GAS....
  15. Marcoelwray

    FS: Warwick Streamer $$ 5 string £700

    controls freaks me out ! But when you've got two splittable humbucks… Really nice package the Streamer shape / $$ config. GLWTS