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  1. Because if i don't my bass fall on the floor !😂 any suggestion ?
  2. thanks ! it s true i forgott you re not supposed to say why you send it back.
  3. Thank you all guys for your testimonies. So this bass can be really lighter as the corean review and some of you owning it indicate. i just got a f...ing bad one ! You re right saying that i ve got to ask for weight when buying online but i m afraid most of the sellers won t accept. Bad back here too (hernia)so i can t keep it. I will buy a neotech megastrap soon, i m sure it helps but at the end of the day (and of the gig !) it s still 5kg weighing on my back so i really need to make a selection with my instruments. i doubt the seller will accept to take it back for this reason as nothing was mentionned or i will have to pay shipping. Gonna ask we ll see ... i will try to sell it locally too. it s a pity cause the bass sounds good, very stingray like and jazz like when you combine the two pickups.
  4. Hello everyone ! I just received my new cort GB74 JH and i should celebrate but unfortunately this bass is really heavy ! 4.96 kg !!! for a 4 it s really heavy ! I don t know how it is possible but i saw a corean review of the exact same bass where it s weighed at 3.78. I ve got a bad back (hernia) and it has to go back. here are two links. the first one is the corean review where you can see at 3'50'' the bass weighed at 3.78, and the second one is me wheighing the exact same bass (black for mine) at almost 5kg !!! my scale is working fine cause i wheighed my active jazz at 3.9 kg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlGcr-kzp8o&t=252s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIA3ZgmsJWM How such a difference can be ? are the reviewed bass "selected" to increase sales ? Is it a valid reason to ask for a return and money back (the seller didn t mentionned the wheight) ? i emailed cort and i m waiting for a reply. Do you think that it s acceptable for a brand to sell such heavy basses and with such weight disparity ? thanks
  5. I emailed TKS two times, one few monthes ago and last week too. Never had any answer. I think i m gonna spend my money somewhere else. It s a pitty cause it seems many people were satisfied with these cabs but how can i trust a company that don t answer back ? If Tommy has health issues of course we wish him the best and if it s serious of course he has to face that before business. But he could just explain a little bit what's going on , when will he be able to start again and of course refund people who paid for a cab they did not get. I hope you ll get your money back Contrebasse.
  6. olicor

    Hi !

    of course i listened ! but the french and original version "hier encore" check it as your french is probably better than my english. and sadly i feel old enough to be moved by this beautifull song.
  7. olicor

    Hi !

    Wow ! this is rock 'n'roll ! lol
  8. olicor

    Hi !

    thank you The Greek ! yes Charles Aznavour is a great artist with a 70 years carrer ! not so bad ! as bassist we focus on music but there are words too and his writing is very poetic and beautiful "hier encore" is a very emotional song and i don t know if something get lost in translation but here s the english version that has been covered a lot ( even by elvis presley !)
  9. olicor

    Hi !

    thank u lurksalot ! Yes Dad we also have some good band and songwriter composers but it s hard to export ! when Michel Berger wrote "le monde est stone" it was just succesfull in France, the same song with more modern arrangement , and cindy Lauper singing in english "the world is stone" and you have an international hit ! the same with peter kingsbery "only the very best". there are some good musician s too (even if i seriously bring down the average !)
  10. thank you for your input. Vanderkley seems to be high quality stuff ! but a bit expensive for me. The neos and proline are very modern sounding so the classic line and their tone a little bit more vintage seems to fit the bill for my taste but would you run two twelves or one twelve and one ten if you had the choice ?
  11. olicor

    Hi !

    i knew i knew ... you were british ! why losing anything from england ? you have the stones the beatles led zeppelin whereas we only got euh ... still searching ! Ok our food and wine are not so bad so you did the right choice cause i guess it s easier to listen to the beatles in france than drinking a french wine in england !
  12. olicor

    Hi !

    thanks SpondonBassed ! nice beard ! a la Lee Sklar ! thank u dad3353 ! for a guy living in france your english is very good ! i wish i could speak english like you but i bet you re cheating lol
  13. olicor

    Hi !

    thank you baldwinbass !
  14. Hello folks ! i m about to buy a reidmar head and need some advices for 2 cabs to pair with. I think i m going to go with their classic line cabs that seems to be a perfect match with the reidmar and as they sound less modern than the proline and neo (they re well priced too !) But i m just wondering if i should go with 2 cabs of 12" or a 12" and a 10 ". If someone here tried both combination then please let me know your preference. the 10 " is supposed to emphasize some freq that the 12" don t but i read a review where someone said that he had the 12" with the 2*10 " and he regretted now not to have chosen 2 separates 12 " cabs as he thought they are smaller, lighter, cheaper and more multi-purposed. But on you tube, every time i see a pair of classicline, it s a ten with a twelve so i don t know what to do ! of course i can t try it in a local shop . At least the classic 12 are only rated at 94db which is not very impressive ... are they loud enough compared to other stuff ( the reidmar is only 250w and is more powerfull than many 500w heads so maybe it s EBS state of mind, not to "over" rate their stuff.) ? if you think about a better option in the same price range for 2 8ohms cabs then let me know. thanks
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