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  1. I had a go, it went for about £136 ish n the end. I needed a nice orange BB to complete my Yamaha wall, so didn't want to go too mad as I'm never going to play it. I think someone got a bargain.
  2. I've bought 3 basses off Andy over the past 6 months, if that doesn't say enough about Andy, then I guess nothing will. He's a pleasure to deal with, nothing is too much trouble. If only he'd sell me his orange bb. Neil.
  3. Glad you didn't damage my next bass.
  4. And a 743a has just appeared as well. Currently sitting on my hands and taken the batteries out of my keyboard...must not buy...must not buy...
  5. Yep, I offered £295 and was watching the clock tick down (was a way to go). I hate it when they just take it off!
  6. He cancelled my bid on it, and has withdrawn it! Selfish sod.
  7. Hi, No not really, I have a 1100s, 435 and a 234, so happy to consider anything BB really Neil
  8. Added specifications to the add as well as the link to the PRS site.
  9. Hi All, This fantastic bass is currently sitting in its case in the cupboard all by itself.....it desperately needs a new home. I would prefer a straight sale, although happy to look at trades. In brief its thru neck with hip-shot hardware, the fit and finish impeccable. I've tried to catch it in different lights to show it off to the best. I've also highlighted a couple of faint marks as well. Body Wood: Alder Number of Frets: 22 Scale Length: 34″ Neck Woods: 5-Ply Maple with Walnut Strips, Neck-Through Construction Fret-board Wood: Rosewood Fret-board Inlays: Birds Neck Shape: SE Bass Depth at .5 fret: .792″ Width at nut: 1.591″ Width at end of fret-board: 2.500″ Fret-board radius: 7.500″ Bridge: Hipshot TransTone Tuners: Hipshot HB6 Hardware Type: Chrome Electronics: Passive Treble Pickup: SE 4B “S” Treble (PRS-Designed Single-coil) Bass Pickup: SE 4B “S” Bass (PRS-Designed Single-coil) Controls: Two Volume Controls and One Tone Control, pick-guard mounted Strings: 45-105 Gauge The full specification can be found here : https://www.prsguitars.com/index.php/electrics/se/se_kestrel_2018 And here is a sound sample from PRS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUXhAN_mQAU The sale/trade will include the original PRS gig bag and the original black pick guard. I would prefer collection, however happy to post at your expense. Happy to answer any questions. Cheers,
  10. I'm already working on P-T-P to get his P34.......suspect he may well come knocking for the P35 if I can close a deal with him. When I didnt get the BB3000 I put some of the cash saved towards a replacement bike, and just need to top the cash up!
  11. Missed it. That will teach me, I should have got it before we had the BBQ. Oh well, i'm sure another will turn up.....
  12. Thanks to Mr Travis I now have the BB Bug. I have his old BB1100s and a BB234 which I got for a steal from ebay (kindly pointed out by The Greek sometime ago) I'm so happy with them I want to move up the range. Upon this very boutique there is a very nice BB3000 and a gorgeous P34. Whilst I can find lots of information on the P34, the info on the BB3000 is a little on the sparse side. Any info on the difference between the 2 greatly appreciated. Cheers, Neil.
  13. Wish I had kept this! If I had the money I would buy it back! Literally spent a small fortune trying to find something as good again. Someone is going to be very happy with it. (Just wish it was me).
  14. Pleasure to do business with, fantastic communication and wrapping skills that Santa's elves would be proud of. Wouldn't hesitate to buy/trade with Tom again.
  15. Andy is my local music store, I've had 2 basses from Andy and he is a pleasure to do business with and the kit is always top notch. On the down side he's introduced me to bb's and I don't think there's any going back. It's taking all my will power not to get this as well! Jedi mind trick 'this is not the bass you are looking for'
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