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  1. Bassist with backing vocals available and looking for live work in function bands. Over 10 years experience, very adaptable. Have my own transport and gear. I'm a strong harmony singer and have perfect pitch. Showreel here: Find out more and contact me at marshallbass.com Cheers Richard
  2. If you're still looking for someone I might be able to help you out. Get in touch on here or contact me at https://marshallbass.com/ Cheers Richard
  3. thisismarshall

    Novice question - help appreciated!

    I'm teaching myself this home recording malarkey, and just about getting the hang of it...until this. I was recently given an AKAI MPD218 midi controller. It's fantastic and great for tapping out drum patterns. However, I'd love to get a midi controller keyboard to work alongside it. So my question is this... Is it possible to use the two controllers in tandem? Then I could use one for making drum patterns and the other for keyboard parts. My DAW is Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5, running on mac. Help appreciated!
  4. thisismarshall

    Hi from the diving board...

    Hi Basschat folks! I'm Marshall. I'm from the UK and have been playing bass 15 years, and gigging in bands almost as long. Decided to become part of this community as I'm on one of life's metaphorical diving boards... I've been a teacher (not of bass or music) for 6 years and essentially all of my 'adult life', but I'm about to embark on going pro as a bass player. As such I figure I'm going to need a bit of advice from the actual pros and everyone else who has more of a clue than I do...so, here I am! Expect all sorts of questions from here on in. Thanks in advance for your patience 😅 Nice to meet you all!