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  1. Richardpm38

    zoom MS60B - how do you use yours?

    please tell me how to set up a Stranglers Patch
  2. Richardpm38

    zoom MS60B - how do you use yours?

    Just got mine yesterday... got to admit it takes a bit of getting my head round to using it.. would like to get some patches to suit old school punk and reggae stuff..
  3. Richardpm38

    Punk/Post-Punk Bassists.

    He looked like he was enjoying himself at Glasgow... great gig... and his bass sound shines through brilliantly
  4. www.tripwiredc.co.uk
  5. Richardpm38

    Hello from Scotland

    hiya yeah.. there is a soundcloud page with 3 tracks for media use here and some live YouTube videos Hey Mr Reggae
  6. Richardpm38

    Hello from Scotland

    Hi... I am Rich play bass in a reggae/punk band called Tripwire DC .. I have a Fender Jaguar and a Yamaha Bass... Ashdown Mag 300 Just bought a Zoom MS 60B pedal... and sold my big muff , Mole..Fission Fishman Multichord and Boss Flanger...lol