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  1. Not 100% relevent but I have a famous persons name as it is. I'm always torn as to whether to change it, or keep it. (for music purposes, not IRL).
  2. I got the bundle about a week ago after my band got back together after along hiatus. I literally had nothing but a bass at home and I noticed this deal the day after we agreed to reform..it was a no brainer I thought. The cab is a bit bigger than I need but I thought it was such a good deal that I'll give it a go. I play in a relatively heavy band and used to use a k212 which was ideal, so I expect to get on well with the 410. (Haven't tried it with the band yet). It's 29kg so not silly heavy for a 4x10. If you can put the back seats down it should be ok I would have thought. I've played at fairly low levels and it sounds ..ok..you don't get the best out of it obviously, but it will work. We do some acoustic stuff too and I'm probably going to use a combo for those occasions, though I am toying with getting another smaller cab and still using this head. For practising, it is easily the best amp I've played for headphone use. It sounds great through headphones. I thought that if I find the cab too cumbersome, I'll just sell it and buy something used and smaller.
  3. I write quite a lot that are basically my internalised feelings about a film I've watched, or a book I've read. For e.g. I wrote a song recently about the film 'Midsommar' and the lyrics are all about having problems, and then finding yourself, but in an unhealthy way.For the music, I tried to write something that sounded a bit folky with a sinister undercurrent (like the film). It isn't what came out exactly, but having a starting point is what's important. I find it's a good way to write, as the emotions and whatnot are already there by default..if that makes sense. I'm also into creative writing, and invariably write song versions of the stories I'm writing. 2 birds, 1 stone.
  4. Unfortunately that's becoming more and more dominant. Probably not the place to have it, but there's an interesting debate as to whether the internet has done more harm than good. Imo, no matter how advanced the technology, humans will always be humans (I.e extremely flawed).
  5. Highly relatable. Successful and happy band..that's usually a choice between the two in my experience, unless you're very lucky. I've always stuck to original bands myself as most of the satisfaction is with writing, but it doesn't half make playing music a much harder, and a more caustic experience. You essentially need to be comfortable with travelling for 6 hours and playing to one man and his Dog, and then travelling 6 hours home again while having a laugh about it, in order to not get bitter. Always a mistake to let your local crowd inform your ideas around your popularity etc. A strange existence, where you simultaniously require a big ego on stage, and also no ego at all off of it. My old band has just got back together and some of that is down to me getting more laid back and happy to have fun. Getting a group together that's equitable and who all enjoy playing what you're playing is the thing to aim for imo, as apposed to 'fame' strategies. Its great that you got sorted. A bit of space from the toxic element really makes things clearer. I'm wishing you every success not only for your benefit, but for your ex singer's required reality check too.
  6. Yes there's something about his solo stuff which is a bit more...conventional? Which while not in every case, is better in this one imo. A lot of the stuff is really catchy and powerful. Also re The Smiths it's amusing to see so many folks who live in Smiths T Shirts furiously back pedal whenever Mozza puts his foot in it in interviews.
  7. My wifes favorite band is the Smiths and it's always been a running joke here. I do impressions of a thick throated Morrissey trying to fit 2 too many words into every line reguarly. However, there was a Morrissey solo album left in the car once and now I really like some of his solo stuff a lot. First of the Gang to Die is superb imo. Much as it pains me.
  8. I hesitate to say it, especially on here, but I've recently started getting right into Level 42. Something a bit more sayable in public is that I've really fallen in love with Dr Feelgood. It's one of those where I feel sad that it took me so long. I think Wilko used to irritate me which is why it took a while.
  9. Thanks, yes I've emailled both. Already had a reply from Andertons saying that it only comes on when needed. Also, 2 other owners on a seperate thread on here are saying that theirs doesn't run on start up either. It very much looks like it is on/off based on that, which is reassuring. I'll still await TC's response with interest. You're right though..there's no mention of the cooling in the manual at all.
  10. Excellent news, thanks for that. I'm being neurotic because I'm the guy that always has a problem with purchases. Thanks very much for putting my mind at rest. Enjoy!
  11. I'm posting this all over the place, but I'm one of those that bought the bundle. I got them today and my only issue is that the fan didn't come on. Can someone who has one let me know if this is normal or not please? I've read a couple of posts online saying the fan should be always on, so I'm a little concerned mine has a fault. (hopefully it's just that it'll kick in with use, but it'd be great to put my mind at rest). Aside from that, the amp sounds great to me, with the limited time I've had with it. I've had a couple of K series cabs before and have always really liked them. My old band agreed to get back together on Tuesday and I saw this deal the day after. That never happens. Now I just need to make friends with a chiropractor. Edit: No fan on start is normal apparently. Good news.
  12. Aside from my fan issue, I was just going to say I didn't have to think about this too long. My old band got back together on Tuesday, and I had no rig at all. I popped online and saw the deal for 499 and thought I would never find anything better without a load of messing about. I ordered it and then worried about what the wife would say.. (usually this is the other way round). I think the watts issue is a bit of a distraction. There are lots of happy users of this amp, and I've yet to find anyone that says it feels underpowered in real life scenarios. Most criticisms centre around taste of sound as above. It looks and sounds great to me, with the limited time I've had with it.
  13. Hello! I ordered the bundle so got the head with the 4x10. I've had the K series cabs before and really liked them. Basic but decent sounding imo. You could help me out here. I received mine today and noticed the Cooling fan didn't come on when I switch it on. I'm worried it's a fault (as I've seen the fans should run all the time on a couple of forum posts). Would you be able to tell me if your fan spins immediately, or not when you turn it on please? I've done a separate thread, but this will solve the issue. Cheers!
  14. Yes I was thinking that. I've emailled TC anyway so will see what they say. A couple of people online are complaining that theirs was too noisy from the start, so I'm thinking mine might be a lemon.
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