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  1. Trace Elliot is owned by Peavey, now. The confusion probably comes from Mark Gooday of Ashdown formerly affiliated with and leading the old Trace Elliot of Britain. There’s a thread on TB about A/B comparison of TC & TE 2x8 cabs. Dunno if they’re available over your way, yet. They are being distributed now, over here. Apparently, the preamp band frequencies are the same in both. Personally, I love my elf setup too much to even consider trading it for anything else.
  2. @Grangur @Skybone hi and thank you As for the Campus, neither do I but, I make pretty heavy use of the course videos and outlines.
  3. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! I’m sure it’ll take a bit learn my way around here. Is there anyone here that is active on TalkBass or SBL?
  4. Hello All; Been lurking a few times and figured I'd join you. I have been on TalkBass for a few years and thought I'd reach out to the European side of things, a bit.
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