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  1. I've really enjoyed my Bassman 500 with 115 neo cab for a few years now. I just love the lightweight 17 lb. head, with Class-D power amp, since my back feels even older than the rest of me. The Vintage and Overdrive channels give me a wide variety of sounds with plenty of actual tube driven pre-amp control. And the retro looks are a plus for me.
  2. How about the new Fender Rumble 800 HD?
  3. Setting your phone to Airplane Mode will ensure no embarrassing calls broadcast through your amp. 😉 I've heard that Airplane Mode also helps stabilize your phone's Bluetooth connection to the Stage and Studio amps if your phone uses certain other apps that may temporarily "grab focus" but, I don't recall what those apps may be. 😀
  4. I use my small Rumble Studio 40 combo at church with it's XLR Out to the board for the house and the single 10" speaker, with Master Volume around 3, for me. I just balance my volume with what I hear directly onstage and from the house system and it is glorious. Soundman says my combo as monitor has no effect on his settings and I feel very connected to everyone else. Just my two pence.
  5. The Fender Rumble 100 : 1. Does NOT have a speaker 'out' jack. 2. & 3. The impedance of the internal speaker and the combo's amp are matched and optimized. So, no DIY adding of speaker(s) is recommended. 4. A 2nd Rumble 100, or other combo, could easily be connected to the first with an instrument cable from the 'Effects Send' of one (the Master) to the 'Effects Return' of the other. Controls on the Master would also control the other, for simple setup with more power! 😀
  6. I got one last autumn while recovering from back surgery. The ultralight weight was just what the doctor ordered, literally. 😉 And don't let the plastic body fool you, it can sound quite full and warm at a relatively high volume. The speaker is attached to a half-inch thick wooden front baffle which, I think, helps give it some well used resonance. It does, in fact, have a quarter-inch jack labeled Direct Out. I have used it quite a bit, but was disappointed to find that it is strictly Pre-EQ. I prefer the tones that I have selected for each song be sent to the sound system, since I've yet to work with a sound technician that cares as much about that kind of thing as I do. Here's what the manual says about the DO jack: I've seen this same question elsewhere but, unfortunately, I've not seen any definitive answer(s). All I've seen are along the lines of "it should be possible". Sorry.
  7. Love your review at the top of this thread, @Raslee. I recently got the Rumble Studio 40 and tested it to enslave my Rumble 500 combo for more volume. Yes! It'll do. See my post here:
  8. Well, I gave in to the G.A.S. and got the Fender Rumble Studio 40, even though the Fender B-DEC is still doing just fine. BONUS: The 4-button footswitch I got for the B-DEC 10 years ago also works on the Studio! The button labels aren't the same but, Fender sent me a free magnetic overlay that updates the button labels to Stage/Studio terminology!! It fits so well you can't tell the footswitch is recycled. 😁 Now, with the footswitch and the Fender Tone App, it's super easy to try different presets and even edit them to my liking. I'm loving the Rumble Studio 40 more each time I use it! And, should the need arise for more volume, I'll just plug an instrument cable into the Studio's Left Channel FX Send (Mono) and into my Rumble 500 combo's FX Return to amplify the Studio's sound even more!
  9. I have had, and used, my Fender B-DEC 30 modelling bass amp for over 10 years and still love it. I also have had, and used, my Fender Rumble 500 combo for 4 years and still love it. I have had, and marginally used, my Fender Bassman 500 w/115 neo cab just 2 years and still love it. However, it's a bit bulkier to transport than the R500c. Plus, it's so beautiful I'm loathe to risk scratching it! Because of my B-DEC experience, I'd love to get the Fender Rumble Studio 40. Because of my B-DEC's reliability, however, I can't (yet) justify it. But if the B-DEC shows one little chink in it's armor, I'm liable to replace it in a heartbeat!
  10. The Rumble's post-eq/post-master xlr out is a point of contention with some users. Personally, I prefer the post-eq because I want the sound I've dialed in going to FOH. And I've read that many soundmen compliment the bassist on the eq'd sound. I think the logic is that it works like putting a mic on the cab, both change the signal going to the board. The xlr just bypasses the actual mic. Also, I've read where the xlr's volume change is not very large in a FOH situation, that a big change onstage is just a small change on the board. I've read that some soundmen didn't even notice some changes. I have less feeling either way about this, as I've never had any complaints. But I know I've had much less hassle with my Rumble 500 than the rest of the band with their rigs at sound check.
  11. From what I read, the settings and menus of the Studio 40 and Stage 800 are identical. The only difference being the power modules and speakers. Do you think the more expensive (powerful) one would be pretty good?
  12. So, it appears you are not using the wireless headphones wirelessly? You are using the headphones' aux cable in the amp's headphones output, which mutes the amp's speakers? Not using the amp's aux input at all? And the amp's Bluetooth is receiving, only; not transmitting? If this is correct, then I understand my misconception, but am somewhat disappointed from that misconception.
  13. Ummm, clarification not received. Don't the aux cable and the Bluetooth do the same thing: send music from phone to amp? And just how do your wireless headphones get the music and/or bass sound? I'm SO confused !
  14. Wait! uh, . . . What? Do you mean that you use The Stage's Bluetooth connected to your wireless headphones to hear your bass?!? If so, does it shut off the speakers, like using wired headphones does?? I didn't see anything in the manual about Bluetooth transmission. I thought it was receive only!?! Why, that's just a whole 'nother bundle of possibilities, if so!!! But, surely The Stage doesn't do simultaneous send & receive, does it??? Like receive songs from your phone, then transmit the songs and your bass to your wireless headphones (while shutting off the speakers)!?!? Does it??? This mind boggles. Please clarify.
  15. hey, @rushscored4, have you used the Bluetooth to practice or rehearse? If so, does it work well?
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