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  1. Boss Flanger BF-3 (Guitar & Bass Inputs) *£50*

    Price Drop to £50.
  2. Suggestions for affordable compressor

    I'll be keeping a beady eye on the for sale boards for that Cali then 😀
  3. Relisting as previous agreement to sell fell through. Great sounding cab, just too much for my needs and my wife wants the space back. Collection Watford, Herts. In good condition overall with a few minor marks to the tolex, I've taken pictures best I can of this. Only gigged 3 times and used for a few rehearsals.
  4. Tommygingell feedback

    @Tommygingell bought a Chorus pedal from me. Good communication and prompt payment - smooth and easy process. Thanks again!
  5. Feedback for AdrianP

    @adrianp bought a Hartke cab from me. Great communication and prompt payment & collection. All round, a very nice chap to deal with. Thanks
  6. Does the fusion 800 not have two speakon connectors on the back of the head? My mb500 does.
  7. Hartke Hydrive HX112 Cabinet

    Sold pending payment and collection.
  8. Boss Flanger BF-3 (Guitar & Bass Inputs) *£50*

    Price dropped to £55
  9. *SOLD* Boss Bass Chorus CEB-3

    Yes sir
  10. Bassist Ad again

    I didn't have a problem with the last post of said bassist you shared. However they seemed to have taken it up a notch - really doesn't come across well. I guess the "no ego" comments are an attempt at irony as well as humour.
  11. Stuart Clayton's "Bass Lick of the Week"

    Thanks for sharing, I'm going to start working through these.
  12. What's your favourite Preamp/DI?

    I was just reading up on the Tonehammer on Talkbass, seems many run with AGS always on at a low gain setting for that vintage colouring.
  13. What's your favourite Preamp/DI?

    To answer a previous question, DI is very important to me. At home I don't use an amp, I DI into an audio interface and play using studio monitors; this also allows me to record. I'm looking to set my pedal board out something like this In -> Tuner -> Compressor -> Envelope Filter -> Boost -> Overdrive -> Chorus -> PreAmp DI -> PowerAmp / Audio Interface I'm looking for a cleanish sound from the DI but with some vintage colouring, I have a B3K or SFT for the overdrive which I'll kick when I want a more driven sound. 1 band I play with has quite an eclectic set list that jumps from Classic Rock, to Pop, to Indie. The other group of people I jam with play more modern and heavier rock, and at home I'm looking more at Soul, R&B funk etc. Versatility from my board as a whole is important. As @dannybuoymentioned previously the VT sound does this really well. At this stage I think I'll look into Tech21 SansAmp VT DI Mesa Subway DI Aguilar Tone hammer DI
  14. What's your favourite Preamp/DI?

    Indeed, there seems to have been a flood of pre-amp / DI pedals in past few years.
  15. What's your favourite Preamp/DI?

    Thanks for all the information - some alternatives to the Mesa to look into. I've had a Two Notes Le Bass in the past and had to return it as it was faulty, this has some what put me off two notes pedals. I tried the Tonehammer 500 amp a few years ago and didn't like it, that being said my taste has changed and perhaps it's more of the sound I want now. Dark Glass DIs too expensive for me, but I do have a B3K overdrive which I got second hand that I will be my dirt pedal. With look into the Tonehammer, Paradriver v2 and Hartke. Thanks again