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  1. CygnusX2112


    I recently picked up a TC Spectracomp. It's relatively cheap when compared to most and the TonePrint functionality makes it easy to try different compression settings without having to understand all the technical detail. Of course as your knowledge grows you can deviate from the TonePrint and create your own patches.
  2. CygnusX2112

    Recommend me some funk!

    Love this; I've enjoyed all of the Sly & Family Stone songs I've seen recommended thus far.
  3. CygnusX2112

    Recommend me some funk!

    Can you share the link for the thread? It didn't come up when I previously searched the forum for funk content. Thanks
  4. CygnusX2112

    Recommend me some funk!

    I've been getting a little board of late with the classic and alternative rock covers I've been playing over the past few years. I've been enjoying more funk influenced music in recent weeks but it's a genre I know very little about. Could I get some recommendations on some classic and modern funk songs ? I would love to start learning some over the summer. Also any particular recommendations on gear and setups for funk playing would be appreciated! Thanks
  5. CygnusX2112

    How was your gig last night?

    I felt we had a great gig last night. It was a 50th birthday party, venue was a beautiful walled communal garden area from and old manor house. The hawaiian theme suited the beautiful summers evening perfectly! The audience took a long time to warm up to us, I think some of that was to do with set list but mostly the fact that people didn't come to watch music, it was a social evening with BBQ food and booze on tap that had most occupied - we were largely in the background. That being said as the sun set and the drink flowed more and more people got up and started dancing. Being called for 3 encores is never a bad sign!! We are a hobby band and don't gig much, it was the first time I'd played live for a year - nerves were high on my side but we sounded tight and I'd played as well as I ever have done. A couple of wrong notes and one time (during encore) I messed up a little but on the whole a fun evening!
  6. CygnusX2112

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Small and simpls. Pedaltrain Metro 20 board with a Volto power supply underneath. Tuner - Spectracomp - B3K - Pork & Pickle - Bass Chorus - Subway DI. I don't use the Pork & Pickle much and I think I will swap that out for an envelope filter. Apart from that I've not found significant use for effects with the bass guitar.
  7. CygnusX2112


    Morning All, I've just received my SpectraComp and have started to have a look through the various TonePrints available to find a couple of base configurations I like. From various BC and TB threads the Captain East and the Smooth & Funky Toneprints seem to be very popular and I intend to start there. However do any of you folks have recommendations for TonePrints that may suit the bands I currently play with which would also be worth a look - I haven't got time ahead of my next rehearsals to work through every single TonePrint available: Band 1; your Typical Classic Rock and Pop covers band, in which I play the majority of songs with fingers. Band 2; Modern and alternative rock in which I play the majority of songs using a pick Thanks
  8. CygnusX2112

    Boss Flanger BF-3 (Guitar & Bass Inputs) *£50*

    Price Drop to £50.
  9. CygnusX2112

    Suggestions for affordable compressor

    I'll be keeping a beady eye on the for sale boards for that Cali then 😀
  10. Relisting as previous agreement to sell fell through. Great sounding cab, just too much for my needs and my wife wants the space back. Collection Watford, Herts. In good condition overall with a few minor marks to the tolex, I've taken pictures best I can of this. Only gigged 3 times and used for a few rehearsals.
  11. CygnusX2112

    Tommygingell feedback

    @Tommygingell bought a Chorus pedal from me. Good communication and prompt payment - smooth and easy process. Thanks again!
  12. CygnusX2112

    Feedback for AdrianP

    @adrianp bought a Hartke cab from me. Great communication and prompt payment & collection. All round, a very nice chap to deal with. Thanks
  13. CygnusX2112


    Does the fusion 800 not have two speakon connectors on the back of the head? My mb500 does.
  14. CygnusX2112

    Hartke Hydrive HX112 Cabinet

    Sold pending payment and collection.