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  1. Where do you store your bass gear?

    I have half a small room downstairs. The other half is owned by the misses and consists of floor to ceiling shelving dedicated to her projects "Photography, Painting, Sewing, Singing etc etc." I have the wall on the other side of the room; guitar hooks mounted on the wall above my computer desk with Audio Interface, studio monitors etc., cabs stacked on top of each other to the side, pedal board under the desk and spare pedals stored on a small shelf. Gig bags under the bed. Some times I feel she got the better half of the deal
  2. Gallien-Krueger CX410 8ohm Cabinet

    Feedback thread
  3. As part of my 2018 plan to reduce the amount of bass gear I own and concentrate on just the essentials I'm selling my 4x10 GK cab. In good condition, only gigged 3 times and barely used outside of that. I've take photos of the marks to the tiles (a few on the top and a couple of scuffs on the front). Due to size and bulk collection only, From WD17.
  4. Warwick GPS Corvette 5 Ash NT

    I'm down sizing my collection of basses and equipment (a 2018 new years resolution). Reluctantly I've decided to sell my 5 string Warwick GPS Corvette. German built, in great condition with just a couple of minor marks (see 3x pictures). Comes with gig bag (missing shoulder straps but has added iron maiden patch), Warwick strap locks, Warwick tool kit etc. The control knobs were upgraded to THG hand made Wenge knobs (to match the fingerboard, original chrome ones included). Price includes appropriately insured UK mainland delivery. My feedback thread can be found here:
  5. Bass Tutor wanted around Hemel Hempstead

    Thanks; I managed to find one in Bushey but if it doesn't work out I'll check him out.
  6. Boss Harmonist PS-6. Boxed and in good used condition. Price includes 2nd class signed for postage to the UK.
  7. Boxed and in very good condition. Price includes 2nd Class Signed for Royal Mail delivery to the UK.
  8. Bass Tutor wanted around Hemel Hempstead

    Did you find a tutor? I'm in Watford looking for a good teacher, hemel isn't far though. Cheers
  9. Feedback for OzMike

    I sold @OzMike my GK Plex pre-amp. Mike was super nice to deal with, we agreed terms and payment really quickly! I was a little nervous about posting to Estonia (due to some poor eBay experiences in the past) but everything went swimmingly well. Hope you enjoy the Plex! Cheers.
  10. I got mine yesterday, I'm still trying to figure this one out a little. Currently I'm running it in front of the Fly Rig as a boost, vol at around 9 in high gain mode which has a nice warm tone with a subtle amount of breakup. You have to really crank the volume to get a saturated tone from it which makes it less useful for me though I could see it working on it's own in front of an amp / PA with the input gain adjusted accordingly.
  11. Had a letter from ParcelForce today, my Silver Peg is at customs!! Just had to pay the import duty so that they will release it for delivery, annoyingly it won't be delivered until Monday though.
  12. SFT arrived today; looking forward to having a play with it later tonight. Hopefully the Silver Peg won't be long in coming :).
  13. Barefaced Super Compact, Two 10 or something else

    Yup, I've done this to get his thoughts. My post is actually a slightly reworked version of the e-mail I sent through to Barefaced. I really appreciate the offer. I live in South Herts, right on the M25 so a SW London / Surrey trip is not too much of a stretch. I may well take you up on that. GK do a 2x10 version of the CX410. It's also considerably cheaper so it's definitely a viable alternative if BF isn't the right option.
  14. Hi Guys,. I'm looking for some thoughts on the Barefaced cabinet range. I'm considering a new cabinet, possibly a barefaced option. My current set up consists of a GK MB500 head (used as a power amp, with a Tech21 BFR as the Pre-amp) partnered with either a Hartke Hydrive 112 cabinet for rehearsals, or a GK CX410 for the few gigs I've done. The Hartke cab came with the head as a combo package but I'm not sure I like it that much. I certainly prefer the 410 but the size makes it impractical to take out to rehearsals and is a bit overkill for the size gigs I've been playing and are ever likely to play. Looking at Barefaced product range I couldn't decide whether the Super Compact or the Two 10 would be a better fit. I like the idea of the Two 10 given my preference for the CX410 but I understand it's voiced to be retro and so there might be some additional coloring added to my tone that the Super Compact might not give. I couldn't find a comparison demo between the two, does any one have any thoughts or experiences. What non-barefaced alternatives exist, i'm aware of TKS and obviously all the major brands such as Peavy, GK, Ampeg - does anything particularly stand out.