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  1. Very important tbh to have something,,not so much an issue with modern Led lighting, but backdrops should be fireproof and why not get a projector? Can do all sorts then
  2. Rare local booking for us,with our Heart of Glass Blondie Tribute
  3. Ok ok,,,I stated the bloody thing lol,,,and your all valid,, my personal shout, after all this, is a guy who could write basic songs with a single instrument, which could be re arranged by orchestras and enjoyed by millions, who inspired, probably because on a basic level they are simple to learn, nearly everyone who started to play,,but hit home every time, and became classics, copied by everyone from the Beatles to the Stones,,,even carried it through to nu wave ( Blondie covered and played these chord progressions to death) still valid, , was part of the birth of rock n roll and popular culture, , talented and popular, many imitators, many hits, for me it’s Buddy Holly...
  4. Great gig last night, opened at Manchester Apollo, soundchecked early, had a pint in the Apsley (Boozer next door), had a great laff, played well, all the tech worked, back in Scunthorpe for 11pm, and a phone call and thank you from the main act (famous comedian) happy day...tbh, this happens a lot lol
  5. Dylan, Holly, Paul Simon, even Bono, has delivered lines that for me stopped me in my tracks,,and of course Johnny Cash, seemed to be to the most grown up adult heavy lyrics of all time,,then of course the Blues legends,,and Zeppelin,,,for an example, when B.B. King says the “ Thrill is gone “ he ain’t asked for your opinion,,he’s is telling you how it is.....but hey,,I’ve prob missed some education along the way,,,if you could choose one line from one song,,,that had a massive impact on you,,what would that be?
  6. Thanks guys and gals, the whole post was just a bit of a giggle, it’s an impossible question, loved your responses tho, ,before our time, during, and in the future, can be assured musical talent will endure, for Christ’s sake ( if there is one btw) please help nuture it,,I’ve had an amazing adventure in music,, for me personally,,,it’s made me have a good think about it,,anyone who can pick up an instrument, write a great song, make someone think, is an artist, total respect for that
  7. Easy,,I can drive through the night...bit of a laugh, and can be trusted,,
  8. We employed a pretty famous guitarist to help us out at a big gig at Newcastle City Hall, last number was sadly Uptown, ,foerever now known as uptown flipped it up
  9. Here’s something that interests me, did you have a Bassline thrown at you, that you really had to work on,, mine was “Just a Girl by No Doubt “ Really struggled, but once nailed felt I had really turned a corner,,and improved my playing in a step change,,,same with some Skunk Anansie stuff,,Twisted is a beach...
  10. Feel your pain, although I have no issue with the original artists, and appreciate some will love the re working,,my issue is all the dreadful elvis impersonators that now seem to have a new lease of life and have re done backing tracks and now think it’s ok to torture us for another ten yrs, even tho they should have given up yrs ago
  11. Flipped through the comments,,,and yes,,should be person not man,apologies..
  12. Tempted to agree with you Burrito,,although not musically complicated in any way,,pretty perfect
  13. Just been soul searching, and wanted your opinion,, just listened to some Hendrix,,and still in love with some Mcartney stuff,,,not my bag ,but Elton is a world class musician,,,guess the classical guys, but if you had one shot,,who is the most musically talented man of all time?,,,just for giggles..
  14. Most are rubbish,,,which is great,,cos my students try and learn stuff,,go to the tab,,can’t work it out,,and come to me to help sort it,,a, costs them £20 an hour,,b, teaches them to listen for themselves and learn the fingerboard better,,
  15. It’s an interesting point,,we have all seen the ability of the YouTube wizards and the like,, and I personally never claimed to be a great player,or have amazing tone,,but being professional is a different thing,,,can you turn up, can you do the job, are you an ass, can you play what is wanted,,goes a lot further than I can slap the hell out of this tune...I’ve been blessed with who I’ve worked with, and the experiances I’ve had,,never expected to be on the same bill as some of my hero’s, or stand on some of the most respected stages in the world,,,but it happened,,and still does !,,,I never take it for granted,,and I can do my job,,as for technical ability,,every day is a school day, I still try to learn and improve,,,but it’s not what I get paid for..
  16. Say abracadabra, and turn them into an I pad,,,saves hotel bills too....
  17. Not read the whole thread, but very cool, personally my history on bass started on a Hondo precision thou a 100w HH 6 Chanel head into a butchered cab,,luxury as previously the whole band used the head! Had a built in spring reverb,,some decent strings and was more than good enough at the time...
  18. Thanks Al,,,although it’s been yrs,,lost my account,,,I’ve been here under “toddy” previously..a lot happened,so prob ought re re introduce myself...thanks for the welcome tho..
  19. Had a think bout this,,had a fair few bits of gear over my career, would love back my Trace Elliot 4x10 smx 12 band combo,,prob could get one again,but guess speakers would be tired and stuff,,with the Warwick I had at the time in the venues I was playing,,had a great punch,,in fact didn’t realise how hard it was to get a great sound till after it had gone,,was never an issue before..my SWR Original Redhead came kinda close,,,but, if could turn back time...
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