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  1. Aguilar Pickups SOLD

    Hej. Are these still around?
  2. Sharing some work

    Hey! Sharing some work i recently did with Swedish fellow artist Andreas Lidberg. See you!
  3. Greetings from Sweden

    Youre welcome here. Let me know if you have some questions about my country
  4. Greetings from Sweden

    Hey, Peter here Nice to be here, and to get some inspiration and influences abroad Recently i did some work with the Swedish musician/singer Andreas Lidberg playing my Marleaux and Yamaha basses. Some serious video and some funny stuff. See you guys!
  5. Marleaux Votan Price Drop 1050£ withdrawn

    Thx, but im afraid i have another interesting bass im looking to buy so i want a clean sale on this.
  6. Price Drop 1050£ Reluctantly putting up my beloved Marleaux Votan for sale. The best bass I've ever played. Only selling because im a Jazz-bass man with small hands and sausage-fingers and the Votan is a bass for real men. Absolutely even fretboard with zero dead-spots and it can sound P-bass, MM or Jazz on steroids. Mint condition. Only been used on a few live shows but mostly in my home. Two small dings in the wood. But at least one i think is a natural one in the wood. I'm based in Sweden. I will answer any further questions in PM. Comes with a gig-bag and i can ship if it's required. And it probably will be.. http://www.marleaux-bass.com/marleaux-bass_votan.html