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  1. The strings look just like D'Addario strings. I have these on my Fender Five Jazz.
  2. I have several quality basses Fender and an an Epiphone upright. However, my favorite most played bass is my 1995 Godin LR Baggs Acoustibass. It's strung with Thomastic-Infeld flatwounds. The action and feel of the neck is remarkable and the sound can be like an upright with the growl and punchy. I've played jazz, soft rock, country, funk and folk with this instrument. This is definitely my go to bass.
  3. I'm listening to Paul McCartney. Great bass playing, note choice and note placement. Lever4Ever
  4. I would like to say hello to the BassChat members. I joined in 2017; however, never- at least to my recollection, never introduced myself. I am looking to continue developing my playing acumen, learn more about equipment and continued sound refinement. Current equipment is an Eden 300 amp, custom home built cabinet, Tech21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI and Boost Chorus and Boss Octive OC-3 pedals, Epiphone B4 bass violin, Fender Jazz 5, tub bass and mid 90s unlined fretless Godin LR Baggs Acoustibass. Lever4Ever
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