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  1. Just bought Alan's beautiful 1996 Baseline Buster. Quick and easy transaction, arrived packaged to withstand just about anything. Great communication and very happy with my purchase, thanks Alan 👍
  2. Have you by chance tried Ernie ball cobalt flats? Just wondering how these compare to the feel/sound of those
  3. I don't think many people are worthy of playing Victor's bass, we feel inferior enough as it is...
  4. If you're up for a direct sale and can ship it, i'm interested!
  5. Would you consider shipping this mate?
  6. Would you consider shipping this or is that out of the question?
  7. That is such an amazing colour, a little out of price range right now unfortunately...
  8. If posting this was an option I'd buy this in a heartbeat... I'm afraid Sheffield is a little far from Belfast. GLWTS though, what a beauty
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