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  1. aitkenaudio

    Does anything sell on basschat?

    I tend to find everything here is usually up for premium prices so shifts a lot slower than if you banged it on ebay and let the market dictate the final value. I guess its best here for selling specialized items
  2. best bet is to take your set up to a shop and try out as many heads as you can, don't be scared to try things that don't say bass on the front as well
  3. aitkenaudio

    Should all bass amps have a bass filter?

    with all the power modern amps have it is a very good idea to have a hpf to filter subsonics
  4. aitkenaudio

    Cheap guitar valve amps suitable for bass

    pretty much any non super high gain will work as long as you don't use guitar speakers, unless you're after the high gain sound
  5. aitkenaudio

    N (un) ‘effed BD - Squire P - Black Beauty!!!

    is the truss rod knackered?
  6. ooohhh tempted, I gotta work out if I can get down to kent
  7. aitkenaudio

    Old Orange PA 120

    Well I'd be interested in buying it if you're thinking of selling it. If you're willing to wait and get it fully serviced etc. you'll get around 600 - 800 for it depending on how lucky you get
  8. aitkenaudio

    Carlsbro bass head and slave

    I'd pass
  9. aitkenaudio

    Recommended Amp Techs

    I do amp repair in sheffield ( south yorkshire) www.aitkenaudio.co.uk Happy doing most things except digital
  10. can you remember what these were wound to? also do you have the foam?
  11. aitkenaudio

    Tape echo emulation - any suggestions?

    fair enough, they're great when they work
  12. aitkenaudio

    Tape echo emulation - any suggestions?

    did you ever move the melos on? was it one of the cartridge based ones?
  13. aitkenaudio

    Blackstar bass amps

    poor you! as an amp tech i see quite a few blackstar amps, they tend to just have valve issues though, so not end of the world. personally dont like the sound of them though as they tend to be really fizzly
  14. aitkenaudio

    squire vintage modified bass VI

    it's still up for sale
  15. impedance mismatches get more and more dangerous as you get to higher voltages.