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  1. can you remember what these were wound to? also do you have the foam?
  2. Tape echo emulation - any suggestions?

    fair enough, they're great when they work
  3. Tape echo emulation - any suggestions?

    did you ever move the melos on? was it one of the cartridge based ones?
  4. Blackstar bass amps

    poor you! as an amp tech i see quite a few blackstar amps, they tend to just have valve issues though, so not end of the world. personally dont like the sound of them though as they tend to be really fizzly
  5. squire vintage modified bass VI

    it's still up for sale
  6. impedance mismatches get more and more dangerous as you get to higher voltages.
  7. they do about 220watts if you leave the ecc83 in as the phase splitter, if you swap it out for an 81 they hit around 300. v6 that is. I really want another v6
  8. With the JJ's around 160 - 200watt depending on voltage and output transformers, The reissue gold lions will hit around 220watts.
  9. I'd love to put it on the scope to check that as those numbers seem a bit over the top without running the valves really hot or running original gec valves. I've got a 400watter I made but It was to heavy and impractical
  10. Hiwatt

    they're cheap chinese stuff, don't think they were a lot more than that new
  11. DIY pedalboard

    lookin swish
  12. Big Muff - learning to use it at last

    the tone control is a blend between a high pass and a lowpass as you go past twelve it cuts lows and vica versa. at 12 o clock theres normally a mid cut to compensate for the mid heaviness of the circuit. best way to use one of theses for bass is with a clean blend.
  13. squire vintage modified bass VI

    oops shoulda put that on it, I'm based in sheffield but I can travel a reasonable distance aswell
  14. squire vintage modified bass VI

    Up for sale is my squire bass VI it's in great nick and barely played. It's fully stock and plays okay but could do with a few minor tweaks. I.e the truss rod needs about half a turn tighter. the nut needs the slots taking down slightly and the bridge action could go down a little. I could do this for a charge though. edit; these are just me being picky and i like to be honest in my listings. sounds great and does all the bass VI things though. I would prefer collection as I haven't got a case to ship it in. I would accept trades for it, a long the lines of vintage pedals / amps and studio gear or other interesting things in broken or working condition. Price is £270 obo based in sheffield uk more pictures available on request if needed.