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  1. All Fodera NYC models wood parts were manufactured on Japan and then assembled in the USA.
  2. Unfortunately Lamborghini. But also red!
  3. Haha! I think you are exaggerating! 😁
  4. For sale Fodera Epire NYC 5 (2007).Bass in great condition. Weight: 4.5 kg. A scale lenght: 34". The original case included. Feel free to ask on PM. I enclose short movie recorded on this bass. Price: £2500
  5. Two of the tuners just stopped working properly. That's what the previous owner told me. I have no weight at home so I will write tomorrow.. 😉 I am based in Bielsko-Biała, Poland.
  6. In addition to the fact that it is beautiful, it is the most convenient neck in the world!🙂
  7. Hi! For sale beautiful Fbass BN5 from 2000. Bass is in very good condition. No deep scratches or cracks in the lacquer on the body. Realy small cracks of the polish on the head but it's hard to show in the picture. Original Fbass (by Gotoh) tuners replaced by another Gotoh model. Very rare, beautiful three-piece neck. In reality, the color is more beautiful and deeper with a pronounced wood structure, but that's all my camera can do. Original gigbag Fbass included. Feel free to ask on PM. I enclose two short movies recorded on this bass. Price: £2500 €2750
  8. Very good sounding bass Lakland 55-02 Deluxe crafted in Korea 2003.Bartolini electronics! Original cover included. If you want more picture write me p.m. I can arrange cheap shipping from Poland.
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