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  1. Thanks for very appreciated input guys 👍 Can't stretch to 500 as even on 400 I'm stretched 😀 and looks like there are decent options for much less out there by your replays 👍 thanks again for taking the time She do play a lot of RHCP. Therefore which of above would be more suitable for slapping? Love that TMB30. Can't believe it goes for dirty £169 new ??? Also im in guitars for 25+ years and I kinda never was in favor of buying a new instrument . It never make any sense to me. But the true is, I never fished in £169 -for-new waters 😁
  2. Hello to all. My daughter playing Squier vintage modified jazz bass . Having truble with neck length and frets spacing. Could you please recommend any short scale/ more suitable 4string bass for her? Preferably fit in £400 used price /Would be Sterling by musicman the option here/ Many thanks in advance
  3. No problem mate, understand. Somebody is comming to view Tokai on Sunday for £195. If sold I'll hunt for squier v/m jazz or mim/mij jazz. Thanks
  4. That would be great. Yours or mine lol
  5. Hi. I'v got Tokai Hardpuncher and looking for jazz bass. Interested in swap ?
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