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  1. The Seymour Duncan SPB-1 or the hotter 1/4 pounder will give you that less honky, mid scoop you’re looking for (I’ve had the SPB-1 in the past, it was nice, currently £75 from Anderton’s I think). Here’s a link to the SD P bass page which has sound samples https://www.seymourduncan.com/pickups/bass/p-bass?__uuid_ref=5c916f848af0d
  2. I did when I had one. I had to modify the replacement to fit (craft knife and nail file). EDIT: Use the original as the template.
  3. I voted nickel. However, as I now use EB cobalts on my basses, this is only true if cobalts didn't exist.
  4. I really like the theme tune to Casino Royale and Chris Cornell’s vocals on it are brilliant. However, the orchestration doesn’t make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up the way Barry’s strings on OHMS does.
  5. I find vegetable oil is very good at removing sticker residue.
  6. It is fact the measure of how much GAS pressure you have 😉.
  7. I do not need another PJB product, I do not need another PJB product. 😬
  8. Likewise. I also found Jerry Cornelius very entertaining, if often confusing.
  9. Thread derail - I have many fond memories of reading the Eternal Champion series. As you were.
  10. Maruszczyk Jake or Jake L. My one is a mere 7.15lbs.
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