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  1. My singer also teaches. We do everything in the original keys. She’s given me some great tips on technique, now I’m confident enough to sing the occasional lead.
  2. Tell her it’s a pension investment.
  3. ezbass

    Geddy Lee pedal

    I’ve just seen video from Australia where they are selling them for $399 AU. An online calculator informs me that this is equivalent to around £223. Hmm 🤔
  4. My Rob Allen MB-2. It is so different from the other 5 stringers I’ve owned (EBMM, Lakland, Ibanez) in feel and tone, but I guess that what RA is trying (and succeeding) to achieve. It is also the one instrument that Lady Ez says I’m not allowed to sell.
  5. The production on that first album never ceases to impress me, it’s all crystal clear and uncluttered, which I think adds to its timeless quality. Bad Co were a supergroup that was more than a sum its parts IMO, normally it’s the other way around.
  6. Boz Burrell, what a guy, what a player.
  7. I think I will be coming, but can’t commit just yet.
  8. I love Far Cry as a stand alone track, the chorus section makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. However, I do find the mix very dense à la Clockwork Angels.
  9. @Ian McFly the head is sufficiently back angled to negate the need for a string retainer. I have 2 Elwoods and a Jake, it’s never been an issue.
  10. There was another guitar player announced a few days ago, who had also appeared in my YouTube suggestions about a week earlier - Lari Basilio, she’s a bit good. One could hope that the bass player she’s used on her latest album would accompany her, but no announcement about Nathan East, so I’m guessing no .
  11. Imperial purple with that gold stained neck.
  12. This is the point I made earlier, although this time with some real toe curling examples; it’s always been dire one way or another.
  13. This all sounds like that old Two Ronnies’ sketch: ”Are you the village idiot?” ”I was until you got here.”
  14. New music within the genres I like still seems pretty healthy. However, ‘pop’, chart conscious output is as dire now as it ever was since its inception decades ago.
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