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  1. Portable bass guitar headphone amp.  Made in Japan.

    Plugs into the input socket on your bass, you then plug in headphones and play without disturbing anyone.

    You can also plug in an external music source through the aux and play along to tracks (cable not included).

    3 pre-set rhythms with adjustable tempo.

    Jack plug rotates 180 degrees.

    Good condition.

    Fully functional.

    Requires two AAA batteries (excluded).








  2. Boss bass overdrive pedal.

    Purchased new a couple of years ago and only used occasionally at band practice.

    It's a good OD pedal and I'm only selling as I have another OD pedal that I prefer.

    In good overall condition except for one small chip which is shown in the picture.

    Comes with box and owner’s manual. 

    Power supply (9v) is not included.

    Price includes UK postage.

    Any questions, please just ask or PM.









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  3. Andy bought a PJB Cub from me, picked it up from my house and we had a interesting chat over a cup of coffee.

    A nice friendly chap, Andy is very knowledgeable about music, instruments and technology.

    Excellent communication and overall, a very easy transaction.

    Trade with confidence.

  4. The bass cub is in very good condition and works perfectly.


    In my opinion, it produces a nice clean tone.


    Really great little amp.  It’s small size, a little larger than a shoe box, makes it excellent to use at home for practice.  I use it with a device plugged into the aux to play along to tracks or a drum machine or with headphones for silent practice.  It is 100 watts, I don’t know how effective it would be for using in a small gig as I have not tried this.


    It comes with a PJB carry bag.


    No trades, thanks.


    Power Output: 100 Watt (RMS)


    Size:                 306 x 275 x 197 mm / 12 x 10.8 x 7.8 inches (W x D x H)


    Speakers:        2 x 5″ PJB NeoPower Type A


    Weight:           6 kg / 13.2 lbs


    EQ:                  3-Band EQ (Treble, Mid, Bass) x 2channel




    Welcome to try it out.  I am in the West Midlands near Coventry/Leamington/Warwick. 


    I am also prepared to meet somewhere within reasonable distance to meet/exchange.


    I prefer not to ship as it is fairly heavy but could ship at the buyer’s expense (with tracking/insurance), after funds are in my account.  Buyer to organize.


    I happen to be in London tomorrow, Saturday 21 Sep (visiting the guitar & bass show) if that helps logistics but need to act quickly.



    Any questions, please just ask (PM).







  5. This deluxe Jazz is a stunning translucent blue colour with the wood grain showing through the finish.

    It has a white ‘pearloid’ pick guard, deluxe machine heads and 22 frets.

    Made in America around 1997.

    Overall, it is in very good condition for a 21-year old bass.  It has a few small dings which I have tried to show in the pictures:

    ·       small area on back of neck behind 12th fret where lacquer (2-3 mm) has come off

    ·       few knocks on the head

    ·       small scratch (1cm) on the back (not through to the wood)

    This is an active Jazz with the following controls:

    ·       Master volume.

    ·       Pickup select.

    ·       Treble & bass boost/cut 18dB (stacked knob).

    ·       Mid boost/cut 12dB.


    Please note: the top knob of the stacked treble & bass boost/cut knob is at a slight angle (see photo) but turns freely and adjusts the bass as it should.

    I did not notice this when I bought the bass and believe it probably left the factory like this. 

    When I removed the plastic cover, the aluminium pin has a very slight bend towards the top. 

    I was advised by an experienced guitar repair tech that it is fine and not to try straightening this.


    There is no hard case with this bass but I will provide a soft gig bag (CNB, not Fender).

    I am looking for £750 or nearest offer.  No trades please.


    Pick-up preferred so you can test the bass.

    I am based in the West Midlands near Coventry/Leamington/Warwick.

    Also happy to arrange mutually convenient place to meet/exchange.


    Only selling as I prefer the wider necks on my Precisions compared to the narrower Jazz neck.

    Any questions, please just ask (PM).
















  6. Suitable to use as a travel bass or for practicing at home, at work, in the car either with headphones or through an amp.


    Right-handed, 4-string, fretted.


    Light & easy/comfortable to play.


    Bass is in excellent condition.


    Price reduced to £150.


    New, the AS-691B is currently for sale for £479 so grab yourself a bargain.


    No trades, thanks.


    It was previously sold but the buyer returned it to me due to it making a humming noise.

    When tested again at home, it does not hum.  I would, therefore, prefer the buyer to come and test it out first to satisfy themselves it is OK.

    I am based in the West Midlands near Coventry/Leamington/Warwick.

    Happy to arrange mutually convenient place to meet/exchange.


    Alternatively, I can ship it at an additional cost of £16.



    Body:                            Mahogany

    Neck:                            Maple

    Fretboard:                     Rosewood

    Scale Length:               860mm (34 inches)

    Number of Frets:          24

    Total Length:                104 cm (41 inches) w/o strap button.

    Width of body:              13 cm

    Width @ nut / 12 Fret:  39mm / 54mm

    String spacing:             17mm (at bridge)

    Weight:                        2.0kg

    Frame:                         Aluminum covered in soft rubber tubing.  Detachable for travelling/storage.

    Pickups:                       Stereo condenser microphone / piezo pickup with active electronics.
    Controls:                      Volume, Tone x 2 (treble, bass)

    Bridge:                         Original SoloEtte round type, Rosewood

    Hardware:                    Black

    Accessories:                Soft, padded carry bag (small split 14 cm where material has come away from zip,

                                        caused by me using too much bubble wrap as extra padding).

                                        Headphones (fold down, not great but do the job).


    Any questions, please ask.






















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  7. Always loved the sound of the bass.
    Inspired by J.J. Burnell (Stranglers), I saved up and bought my first bass in the 80s, a P copy.
    Played in my room for a few years before peaking with two gigs at college.
    Spent the next 25 years just noodling, learning parts of songs, no real progression.

    Last year, after talking to a friend at a party, who used to play guitar in a band, we started to rehearse covers (Foo, Feeder, Hard-Fi, Royal Blood, Green Day, Razorlight etc). The guitarist is really good and we now have an excellent drummer so I am working hard to improve my chops while looking for gigs.

    Taking lessons to learn different techniques and styles. Using the Rockschool bass exams to structure some of my practice and expose me to styles of music I would not normally learn (e.g. funk). Now 52, I cannot practice enough as I only have c.30 years to get half decent!

    I have a both a Fender Precision & and a Jazz and love them both … if I was forced to choose, I prefer the wider, flat neck of the P. I also have a couple of really nice vintage Burns bass guitars including a Scorpion from the 1980s (hence my profile name) and a 1664 Bison. Always wanted a proper bass rig so bought an awesome Marshall VBA 400w valve monster with a 4x12 cab; it is heavy but OMG does it sound nice!

    I like the look and sound of Sandberg and Dingwall’s fanned fret basses so trying to resist the GAS.


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