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  1. That looks so much better, definitely going to do this!
  2. Got one a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. Managed to get the tone in my head out of the pedal which is all I could have asked for! Agree with the dials, might see if they can be swapped out for some more 'traditional' as they're easy to bump with your foot and almost impossible to read at certain angles.
  3. Couple UK retailers have them now, this will be my next purchase on pay day. Just bought the Digbeth Pre amp.
  4. Hope this is available before Christmas. Wife keeps asking me what I want and I want this!
  5. Uh oh. That fuzz only when wah is activated feature is something I've wanted for a long time. Going to keep an eye on this, hopefully its not horrifically expensive!
  6. Can the Mono Synth get the Let's Dance (David Bowie) sound?
  7. Patrick Hunter just did a video on it: Might have to get one!
  8. SloppyChops


    Appreciate it. I've watched that video like 5 times now as its the only one I've been able to find! I think it would suit my needs pretty well so I'll buy one on payday!
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