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  1. 56 minutes ago, casapete said:

    ‘Georgia’  is one of those songs I love, but my nightmare when someone gets up to sing. My brain always reverts to the Ray Charles version, but depending on who I’m playing with, other musicians sometimes seem to play different arrangements. This can result in car crash passing / ‘wrong’ chords, with players from a jazz background in particular wanting to make it far more complicated than it needs to be for some reason. 

    ‘Far more complicated than it needs to be’ could be the entry for Jazz In the Oxford English Dictionary.

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  2. I have a 1000w Orange Terror head, super compact and midget. Never ever had the amp above about 3/10 at a gig. Wound it up to 7 or 8 to see what it could do an an outdoor event and our drummer could hear me half a mile away as he drove in. I have used the supercompact on its own several times at medium sized pubs/ clubs and never found it wanting.

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  3. 10 hours ago, mep said:

    The prospect of the Gallaghers being at a shooting club is plausible, but surely another attempt with the cannon and a larger charge would have been performed?

    Oh yes indeed! Within an hour it was  lasting away. Accuracy was reasonable with it able to fairly routinely hit a 6ft target at 100yds. Great fun but expensive to run.

  4. 13 minutes ago, mep said:

    'She's buying a stairway to heaven.'

    You don't buy a stairway to a place, you buy it for a place. The existence of heaven is unknown too.

    Back to Champagne Supernova.

    'Slowly walking down the hall. Faster than a cannonball.'

    Really, how does that work then?

    When I was a member of a target shooting club a few years ago there was a guy who loved blackpowder stuff and bought himself a small cannon. In the interests of safety you start the charge low and work up. He started a bit too low and the result was a disappointing woomph followed by the cannonball slowly rolling across the firing point. Perhaps he showed this to the Gallaghers at some point?

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  5. 6 minutes ago, NancyJohnson said:

    I'd concur and I'd also maintain that we, bassists, are in general a bit smarter than our six string bretheren and can generally see through the sales and marketing guff that alludes to support Signature models, whichever manufacturer is producing them. 

    I saw an interview with Geddy Lee one time and he was extolling the virtues of the Jaco fretless the Fender custom shop had made for him' he was saying something along the lines of how perfect it was and how he wouldn't change anything on it because, '...it's Jaco's bass.'  Frankly, I almost did a little bit of sick.  It's no more Jaco's bass than the guy over there who's playing Flea's 60s Jazz is playing Flea's 60s Jazz.  It's a copy. 


    It can also have a negative effect, I like the Geddy Lee signature Jazz but would be reluctant to own one as I am not a fan of his. Similar with the Nikki Sixx thunderbird on page one, stick normal Gibson livery on that and it’s a hell yes! But the Nikki Sixx stuff puts me off.

  6. 2 hours ago, ahpook said:

    I think I once read  'We built this city' being described as a 'bunch of people in a room with a synth and a big pile of coke...and only one of them knows how to work the synth'.


    That said, I still like it.

    I like the version that made number 1 a couple of years back. Everyone likes a sausage roll after all.

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  7. 21 minutes ago, Maude said:

    But Weller states that he was on his way home to his wife, and following the kicking was worried as they had taken his keys and his wife would think it was him arriving home, implying that the thugs had left and were heading to his home. Therefore the station could not have been locked. 

    Why not? Perhaps the reason he got mugged was due to inadvertent lock in. I fear you would struggle to prove his story was untrue in a court of law...... 😀 Perhaps the tube driver accidentally stopped at the wrong station? Maybe that is why it was so quiet? Maybe I should stop this silliness and do something productive?

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  8. To be fair to the Jam they do not state that the tube station was open, merely that they were in it at midnight. Perhaps a trainspotters lock in? Inadvertent problem following long visit to the Lav after a particularly  vicious kebab? The possibilities are endless.....

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  9. 2 hours ago, Stub Mandrel said:

    Wearing a PC&TBS tour shirt right now 🙂

    Dest advice is choose a band name like Yes or Genesis, that way you are guaranteed loads of google hits...

    But that can be a pain. I saw an Irish band called the Touts a couple of years ago. It’s nigh on impossible to find info about them which is frustrating as you just get a million pointless hits.

  10. I have a BEAD string Jazz, sounded awful at first, then tweaked the nut and it sounds great, so much so that the 5 string went within a week. I only use it on two songs in the set list anyway but it’s fine for the job.

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  11. Grew up in Barry, then studied at Harvard and works for the MoD? Alarm bells there (and apologies to all Harvard graduates from small towns in Wales now employed by any of the national security forces obviously). Facebook, ebay etc are all a minefield as are many forums. The system here seems very well set up to avoid such morons and is always my first port of call for stuff.

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  12. 36 minutes ago, Happy Jack said:

    I note that this 5% figure gets quoted endlessly at the moment as if it's a fact.

    In practice, the (almost) complete absence of effective testing - both now and especially when this thing was peaking - combined with the extensive evidence that very many people have had Covid-19 whilst displaying either very minimal symptoms or none at all means that the 5% stat is almost certainly wildly understated. 

    5% is one in twenty. I live in London, the most heavily-affected place in the UK. I can easily identify 20 people who I see very frequently, and pick out 10 of then (including me, of course) who have had Covid-19. Not only is that a 50% hit rate, but NONE of those ten have been captured in any sample. 

    Can I prove that? Of course not, but I'd much rather rely on my own direct experience than the panic-stricken pap provided by the media over the last three months. When the Public Enquiry into all this finally happens, I suspect that it will make for some very interesting results.


    Equally I work in a place with 80 staff and 200 ‘customers’. We have not had a single case (thankfully as we have some very vulnerable people). When looking at anything in epidemiology and individuals experience is just that - the individual experience. Some will be in groups and areas that are very badly affected, others will know no one affected. That is why we need the bigger studies. They are not based on asking everyone but on using sampling techniques and extrapolation to get an idea on how badly affected any given area is. It isn’t perfect but the expertise and experience of those doing it improves all the time and is also based on experience from previous epidemics of all sorts of diseases.

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  13. 2 minutes ago, PaulWarning said:

    where is it and what does it do?


    Click on your username top right then click ignored users, you can block the content of named users so you don’t, see what they post or get alerts. You can still see quoted posts but it can make life that little bit nicer if there is someone who just posts stuff you don’t like/ is rude or whatever. I am a mod on a car forum that uses the same system as this one and it’s a great feature as there are always a couple of ‘characters’ on any forum and for many users being able to filter that makes for a more pleasant experience.

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  14. Many people working are ignoring/ being forced to ignore the 2m recommendation. I don’t think it’s a good idea personally but there has to come a time when a certain degree of sensible risk has to be taken. Sadly the much vaunted, and undelivered, track and trace systems are the key to controlling the spread. 
    We have been approached for an outdoor gig in a few weeks time but turned  it down when we saw the details. I think they will be very odd events and as it’s not a source of significant income to any of us it didn’t seem the right thing to do, we have suggested another local band where we know a couple of members are struggling financially and they seem keen so it’s worked out well.

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