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  1. Thanks jrixn1 I'll give it a go, nothing to loose.
  2. terryj

    Michael Kelly.

    Does anyone know or have experience of Michael Kelly basses? They look good but seem too good to be true with the price bracket.
  3. Cheers, it's the same one that was on basschat just£30 more.
  4. Does anyone know of a Maruszczyk Jake5p for sale, there was one on basschat but the guy didn't want to post it (understandable) and I'm too far away to collect.
  5. Ok let me know, I only ask because I'm in Cornwall and it's a bit of a trip otherwise.....
  6. Would you post it to Cornwall if so how much?
  7. Dingwall NG3 5string multiscale fanned fret bass in Lagunna seca blue, this bass is in fabulous unmarked condition after only being gigged a couple of times ( thanks to covid) finances forces me to reluctantly sell it with a (non dingwall) gig bag.
  8. Cheers my friend, I'll do that.
  9. Hello all, does anyone have any experience of grbass amps, very lightweight,
  10. No, I think it's me being a crap photographer.
  11. A fabulous Fender vintera 60s jazz bass, 3 colour sunburst in stunning condition, a very small nick on the back which I've tried to show, never been gigged, comes with Fender gig bag. £675 saving over £250 on RRP
  12. Looks good but I think I'll pass, not sure if I'm into acoustics. Thanks for the offer though.
  13. It's the acoustic, it just feels to big and deep, The b string is quite quite acoustically but is ok amplified. What 4 string acoustic have you got to trade?
  14. It's the acoustic, it just feels to big and deep, the others are fine.
  15. Ibanez 5 string elec/acoustic, apart from a small mark on the back of the neck ( which I've tried to show) it's in mind condition, has on board tuner, eq, chorus etc. Unfortunately I can't get on with 5 strings, old school I'm afraid.
  16. Ok no problem, it was worth a try. Love your bass, stunning.
  17. I have a dingwall ng3 5 string, never been gigged about 12 months old.
  18. Hi Sammybass,, if you can find out the cost of postage and let me know, I will take it off your hands. Terryj
  19. Selling my pro series jazz 4 string rarely giggled as I discovered 5 string basses, it is unmarked in black, as you can see I changed the scratch plate but still have the original and the machine head as I had a hip shot drop d fitted. Have all the paperwork and hardware and the hard case. Will meet within reason ( I'm in Cornwall) or post for £20.
  20. Squire precision resprayed in Sherwood green with tort scratch plate, ( looks great) and Seymour Duncan quarter pounders, professionally set up, never giggled by me ( I discovered 5 string basses) has two small Mark's on the back that I've tried to show but otherwise unmarked. With gig bag. Would meet within reason, I'm in Cornwall, or post for £20.
  21. yes paypal is fine, I'll send an invoice to your email. and post the item as soon as paypal informs me of payment. regards Terry
  22. Yes no problem, how do you want to pay ,let me know and give me the address
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