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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone! I’m tempted to try the 62’ CS pups so will keep updating. I think the ram will stay too. does anyone actually know the story of these basses? From what I gather this was a run that was made to exact Fender specs as an attempt to create higher end instruments than their usual output. I’ve contacted JHS to try and shed some light
  2. Thanks for the replies! Beastly looking bass there. Never heard of the Entwistle pups - that's a phenomenal price too. I had my eye on the Fender CS 62 ones - how do they match up?
  3. Thanks, I'm not really looking to up the value - just to get it to the best place I can in terms of playability / tone
  4. Sadly that mark is going nowhere..it's been carved into the wood. Looks like some kind of unfinished Ram on a hill - I'll just learn to love him!
  5. So this bass came up on marketplace today, a 1994 special edition 'Ltd 83' Encore P bass copy. I know these are generally at the bottom of the food chain but at £20 and 15 min down the road it was a no brainer so I'm taking it on as a project bass. It's actually turned out better than I expected, it's got loads of bite and I'm quite fond of the obvious mileage wear it has accumulated. I'm not sure what's special about it per se apart from the gold hardware and generally impressive build quality, but I'm guessing this may have been a response to Fender's limited edition Strats in 1993 that featured gold hardware. Sound clips attached (raw & processed) for whoever's intrigued. I've already got a '73 P with flats that covers that area for me but I've been wanting a second P I can have rounds on for a slightly more modern sound so I've decided to mod this one and see if I can get it to occupy that role! Past the obvious maintenance (string change, setup etc) and upgrading pups I'm wondering what mods would have the most impact on improving the sound and playability? I'm also looking for recommendations for which pickups to upgrade to. I'd like a sound that has a little bump in the low mids but retains a nice smooth high end too. I've got Fralin over-wounds in one of my other Jazz basses which I quite like, but I know there are many other options out there. P.S. If anyone owns one of these or has some information about them I'd love to hear that! Thanks Encore P Processed.wav Encore P Raw.wav
  6. Sheldon (who owns / makes them) usually comes to the Bass show in London every year in March and has lots of his basses on show at the bass direct booth. Super nice dude as well. Would be worth going:)
  7. Thanks for everyone's input, I think I'll try a slightly damp microfibre on the body and those fridge fresheners in the case first. In the meantime...pics
  8. Thanks for the replies! There is some bare wood on the body due to age and wear so cleaning is tricky. I'll try some of these ideas over the next few days and update! Pictures to follow
  9. [quote name='Harryburke14' timestamp='1483475966' post='3207538'] Id start by changing strings and, while theyre off, scrubbing the fretboard with some sort of treatment. All old dead cells and old sweat are in there. Failing that, dop it in a wheelie bin full of Dettol. Should do the trick. [/quote] Strings have been changed and fretboard scrubbed. It's more the body that's the problem!
  10. [quote name='markstuk' timestamp='1483475170' post='3207524'] What does the bass smell of ? Mojo ? :-) [/quote] General, somewhat sour oldness haha I'd like it to smell as good as it looks really
  11. So... I've recently bought a 73' P-bass from the original owner. Bass came in the original case and both case and the bass smell pretty bad! I suppose the case could be Febreezed and aired, but what about the bass? Thanks!
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