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  2. Hi Nancy. What's the impedance on the cabs please? Edit... Sorry, I'm blind. Just seen the spec you linked. Afraid I'm after something that runs at 4ohm. GLWS.
  3. Hey Bill, that's great, thank you! Yes I'm keeping my eyes on the boards for a 4ohm 210 (or even something like a 110 or 112) for when payday comes around but good to know that I can play with 8ohm options (caveat it might sound awful) but without risking instant cab damage. Cheers!
  4. [size=4][font=Arial, sans-serif]Hi all, [/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif]So I think I've got most of this and apologies if this has been answered already but there's one piece that's not quite clear/I haven't found the answer yet on this thread/the web.[/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif]My setup (picked up through the BC for-sale boards) is as follows:[/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif][url="http://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical-instruments/guitars-basses/amps/bbt500h/"]Yamaha BBT500H head[/url], 500W at 2ohm, 250W at 4ohm, class D amp.[/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif]Cab 1 is a matched Yamaha BBT210S (250W handling at 4ohm). So far so good and one happy customer.[/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif]I'd like to add another cab for bigger venues and the obvious thing is to keep it simple and get a 250W (or greater) 4ohm cab (so 500W total at 2ohm = happy days). However let’s say I want to [hypothetically] use an 8ohm 250W cab instead...[/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif]The overall impedance is going to be 2.667ohms (still fine for the class D head).[/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif]I understand the power will be split unevenly between the two cabs with 2/3 going into the 4ohm and 1/3 going into the 8ohm cab.[/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif][u]My question is[/u]: is this one thirds/two thirds power splitting based on the max head power (i.e. 500W, which would put 160W into the 8ohm and be fine but 333W into the 4ohm cab and ultimately shred it subject to “Alex’s first rule”) [u]OR[/u] is this power splitting based on the power at the overall impedance (i.e. 500 * 2/2.667 = 375W) in which case the power nominally going into each cab is essentially fine (250W into the 4ohm and 125W into the 8ohm)?[/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif]Thanks![/font][/size]
  5. Thanks all for the interest. This has now gone to hopefully a second life of thundering sonic awesomeness. Cheers!
  6. After getting my beloved AH250 out of storage (it had been in a wardrobe for a couple of years due to the pitter-patter of tiny bass player feet) it has decided to give up the ghost (along with a faint smell of burnt circuit board). I'm not an electronics engineer and as I no longer need this head (having sold the cab a while ago and recently moving to a Yamaha setup) I shan't be investigating a repair route. But should anyone want to take it off my hands for spares (the UV tube and fans still work) or a repair project then that'd certainly be preferred over sending it to the great scrapyard-in-the-sky. Collection from Bognor Regis (or central Horsham during the week). [attachment=233321:DSC_0055.JPG] [attachment=233326:DSC_0060.JPG] [attachment=233329:DSC_0062.JPG] [attachment=233324:DSC_0058.JPG] [attachment=233323:DSC_0057.JPG] [attachment=233322:DSC_0056.JPG] [attachment=233325:DSC_0059.JPG]
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