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  1. Microbass

    NBD 1971 PJ

    That’s a beaut! Nice find. Would to hear some clips!
  2. My TE V4 cost £220. It was listed under PA gear. Sadly bargains are so rare on eBay I’ve pretty much given up. There was a TE 2x15 cab listed for £80 in Glasgow in pristine condition recently. Way too impractical for me but what a steal!
  3. Welcome to the club! Haven’t used mine for a while.. should take ‘er for a spin.
  4. Just pulled the trigger on a Super Twin with silver cloth. Hoping it arrives for a big gig on the 14th!
  5. I used an old Super 15 recently supplied by the headline band while on tour. My Trace V4 amp never sounded better. With my current issue of a dud speaker in my 2x10 I have a Super Twin sitting in the Barefaced basket....
  6. Superb! I’ve fired them an email! ill check out Dr D as well, Balcro. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys... Sadly one of my 10” Celestions has died in my 2103H (C10T-90 speaker). The cone is all fine, I believe it’s the voice coil as the speaker is distorting. Anyone have any recommendations for a replacement? Would prefer to keep the cab as an 8 Ohm/200W so I can still comfortably pair it with my TE 15” for bigger gigs.
  8. I've been using the Donner one's from Amazon for the last few months. I've re-purposed a few to make longer patch cables using old guitar leads, very happy so far. Probably the best bang for your money.
  9. I carry pretty much all of the above. I got an advent calendar a few years that instead of chocolate contained a Wera multitool kit. You got a screwdriver head each day. Comes in a small handy little bag that all the attachments click into. Just like this one - but doubt it was anywhere near as expensive. Really handy for adjustOMG action and pickup height on the fly (should really replace some old screws on the basses...)
  10. I had the pleasure of playing through one of the original versions of the Super Twin. Paired with my Trace V4 and it was incredible. Wish I could afford one!
  11. Both my BDI's are battery drains, but no issues running from a power block or dedicated 9V supply. Does it just not turn on?
  12. Gotta agree. If it's been cold and in transit, yeah, let it sit in the room for a bit to warm to room temperature before plugging in and turning on. I generally give around 30s as a minimum, on a gig I'll turn on and then I'll set up the pedals etc. I have heard of tubes blowing up from the sudden temp swing during extremely cold winters. The using standby vs. tube life depends on the amp, the last time I read about it. Some amps make no difference to tube life, some will. I can guarantee unless your amp is in standby mode for days on end you won't see or hear the difference made to the tube life.
  13. Played with a band recently and the bassist had her 70's P into one of these into my Trace rig. Sounded so fat, tight and grindy when it was on. Wish I had the spare cash!
  14. Just a heads up, the Transit has been reduced to £55 for the tan and £59 for the grey: https://www.gear4music.com/Bass_Guitars/Clearance-Accessories
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