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  1. Microbass

    NBD 1971 PJ

    That’s a beaut! Nice find. Would to hear some clips!
  2. My TE V4 cost £220. It was listed under PA gear. Sadly bargains are so rare on eBay I’ve pretty much given up. There was a TE 2x15 cab listed for £80 in Glasgow in pristine condition recently. Way too impractical for me but what a steal!
  3. Welcome to the club! Haven’t used mine for a while.. should take ‘er for a spin.
  4. Just pulled the trigger on a Super Twin with silver cloth. Hoping it arrives for a big gig on the 14th!
  5. I used an old Super 15 recently supplied by the headline band while on tour. My Trace V4 amp never sounded better. With my current issue of a dud speaker in my 2x10 I have a Super Twin sitting in the Barefaced basket....
  6. Superb! I’ve fired them an email! ill check out Dr D as well, Balcro. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys... Sadly one of my 10” Celestions has died in my 2103H (C10T-90 speaker). The cone is all fine, I believe it’s the voice coil as the speaker is distorting. Anyone have any recommendations for a replacement? Would prefer to keep the cab as an 8 Ohm/200W so I can still comfortably pair it with my TE 15” for bigger gigs.
  8. I've been using the Donner one's from Amazon for the last few months. I've re-purposed a few to make longer patch cables using old guitar leads, very happy so far. Probably the best bang for your money.
  9. I carry pretty much all of the above. I got an advent calendar a few years that instead of chocolate contained a Wera multitool kit. You got a screwdriver head each day. Comes in a small handy little bag that all the attachments click into. Just like this one - but doubt it was anywhere near as expensive. Really handy for adjustOMG action and pickup height on the fly (should really replace some old screws on the basses...)
  10. I had the pleasure of playing through one of the original versions of the Super Twin. Paired with my Trace V4 and it was incredible. Wish I could afford one!
  11. Both my BDI's are battery drains, but no issues running from a power block or dedicated 9V supply. Does it just not turn on?
  12. Good god, bass heaven!
  13. Gotta agree. If it's been cold and in transit, yeah, let it sit in the room for a bit to warm to room temperature before plugging in and turning on. I generally give around 30s as a minimum, on a gig I'll turn on and then I'll set up the pedals etc. I have heard of tubes blowing up from the sudden temp swing during extremely cold winters. The using standby vs. tube life depends on the amp, the last time I read about it. Some amps make no difference to tube life, some will. I can guarantee unless your amp is in standby mode for days on end you won't see or hear the difference made to the tube life.
  14. Played with a band recently and the bassist had her 70's P into one of these into my Trace rig. Sounded so fat, tight and grindy when it was on. Wish I had the spare cash!
  15. Just a heads up, the Transit has been reduced to £55 for the tan and £59 for the grey: https://www.gear4music.com/Bass_Guitars/Clearance-Accessories
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