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  1. Thanks for the input folks. I got to play his bass yesterday and was blown away how well it played with no setup. I  would have further fettled it to my taste,  but  he has a lot heavier touch than me. It was a flying visit, so I didn't get the chance to remove the scratchplate though 😞

  2. 3 hours ago, barrycreed said:

    I have one of these on the way from Tides guitars (TTTides officially), but it'll take a year to be finished. It's going to be 30" scale, pickups will be single coil in thunderbird housing and moved closer to the neck, with a series/parallel switch, and will either be a wood body or composite wood. It will be neck through. Can't wait!


    This is what the pickup positioning should look like.


    Tasty, I've always loved the design of the Travis Beans 

  3. 9 hours ago, yorks5stringer said:

    I'd carefully check the screw holes and see how they match up with a generic one. You could get one made but that's probably not economically viable on a £150 Bass. Equally a cheapo generic is not a huge outlay. The other issue may be the heel of the neck shape which may differ on the J&D to a generic one, you may need to do a little filing.


    Cheapest way is to buy a piece of Tort and make your own using the existing plate as a template but you need a few tools and some time.....

    Out of interest,  would it be usable without a plate, or do they have ugly routing holes/trenches?

  4. Hi All 

    My mate has just got a sunburst fretless,  has anyone changed  the scratchplate on theirs? We both agree that tort would look better than the white it comes with. Is a generic jazz plate likely to fit? Cheers 

  5. 19 hours ago, Baloney Balderdash said:


    What's wrong with the Danelectro Longhorn?


    It's an awesome bass that sounds great and looks amazing too, and you won't get any other bass with easier upper frets access.

    Nothing wrong with the Dano, just scoping out alternatives. The look may even be appropriate for the slightly psychedelic stuff we play. I assume they're pretty light too?

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