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  1. I’ve not fitted them yet,they are going on a51pbass i am building at the moment but they look as sturdy as my fender usa basses
  2. I’ve just had a set of these from northwest guitars,really good quality well made kit for the price.I bought a set of wilkinson’s 1st which were about half a mill too wide to fit on my neck,much better build than the wilkinson’s,wish i bought the above tuners first 👍
  3. I’ve just bought one of those bridges from northwest in black for a build i’m doing,really good quality,much better than i was expecting to be fair.Ive always bought quality branded bridges in the past.....don’t think i’ll be spending the extra £££££ from now on tho
  4. Guitarguitar have them on their website for £299 pre order with £50 deposit,due in december some time
  5. I got the same bass in a 5 string tho,some awesome tones.....very versatile,just takes a bit of time to dial in the tones your looking for.I reckon a 5 stringer is the maximum width neck i could play or i'd be interested GLWS 👍
  6. I saw him at minehead,giants of rock last january,shocking performance,never seen so many people leaving so quickly.The guy obviously has problems,sat at his piano constantly popping pills drinking loads of water all through his set,i had to stay til the end as i couldnt believe how bad he was.He had a stand in band that played earlier on with fran cosmo from Boston who were pretty good to be fair.They kept smiling through the bobby set but could see they couldnt wait to get away as soon as.....
  7. cheers for the welcome lads
  8. just a quick introduction,been playing around with guitar/bass drums on and off for about 30 years now,big gaps in between so im no billy sheehan......tho im more comfortable playing bass.influences top of my list are geezer,geddy,entwhistle,steve harris,jp jones,lemmy etc so mostly into rock metal amongst other stuff. anyways i been having a trawl around here and theres a lot of good info and advice,glad to be on board cheers Fest
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