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  1. Hello, I got this awesome Ken Lawrence in October 2016 from user Passtabassta. I played it very much in the beginning for two years.The bass has some scratches and ding and dongs. After his I played more Jazz Bass style instruments. -serieal number #0295, built in 2006 -Nordstrand dual coil pickups with Nordstrand 3b5b electronics (switchable mid freq) -2 coil switches for each pickup - singlecoil/parallel/singlecoil -4,36kg -Hipshot hardware -19mm string-spacing -35´ scale -asking price is 2600 pounds included shipping in other European countries.
  2. Sorry. No. This bass is "on-hold".It was for a few weeks in this forum.
  3. I´m selling this great alternative precision bass with - p-blade pickup -korina body -5 piece neck - only 3,1 kg - Richter strap and great safety system -string through or top load -rosewood fingerboard The bass has normal "signs" of playing only one big dong in headstock. Shipping is no problem.
  4. Dear Yamaha fans, i sell this great Yamaha basses. I'm the second owner of each instrument. The basses were played very intensively so that there some typical marks of playing. There is a bigger dong on the back of the 2025 next to the opening for the strings. The electronics, frets and trust road works fine. One knob of the 2025 was changed and has another colour but its the original potentiometer One tuner of the 2025 is a little bit aslope, but it works. I still have the original cases. Shipping is no problem. I want to buy a new instrument. That's why i give such a special price for both together. Please no trades.
  5. Hello, last chance to get this really great sixstring. Incredible mid-growl as you know from Ken Smith. Very easy to play. Coming from the 90th. Shipping all over Europe possible.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. One of my biggest mistakes was to sell my Ken Lawrence Associate. Who of you has one that could trade with my Yamaha BB NE2 AND Celinder Custom Michael Andersen 6 Model? You can find my two basses in separate adds in this forum.
  8. I only find this numbers in the panel. Regards, Jens
  9. The only number i found on the bass was N89. i searched on the headstock, on the body and in the electric case.
  10. Hello Mike, sorry i can´t give you an exact answer. I don't have the information. Regards, Jens
  11. Hello, I'm selling this well-known flexible bass. It has some marks of use (pictures), but all technical functions are ok. It was played very intensive. Original case and shipping is included. I'm the second owner.
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