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  1. Falling price: 3100 £ or 3490 euros.
  2. I lower the price to 3590 Euros ! (Transport costs with insurance is not included in this price.)
  3. Sorry but the top wood isn't in Cocobolo but in Macassar Ebony like the fingerboard.
  4. Hello it is a Ken Lawrence Brase I bass, 6 strings, in perfect condition delivered with its case. Of all the basses I have tried, this is the one that by far gave me the most beautiful harmonics, and incredible timbre. You can see on YouTube a famous American bassist playing with this instrument, and it is simply magnificent. This is the main reason why I bought it at the time. The luthiers who work at Fodera believe that Ken Lawrence is one of the best in their profession, that says it all. I sell it to buy a fretless one Here is its description: KEN LAWRENCE BRASE I – 6 STRINGS Top Wood: Cocobolo Body: Ash Neck: Maple - Fingerboard: Macassar Ebony Pickups: Duncan Basslines Soapbars Preamp: Duncan 3-band 9v Weight: 4.5kg Scale length: 890mm / 35' String spacing at bridge: 19mm Nut width: 53mm Preamp: Seymour Duncan active 3-band 9V N° de série: 0257. Date of manufacture: 18.02.2008 Transport costs are your responsibility, but I will be happy to meet you if you wish to collect it at my home. His price is 3500£ or 3900 Euros.
  5. Hi Gianlu, please, what are the strings you use with this bass ? Actually, is-it a B-G or E-C ? Is the original case in perfect condition like this bass ? Thanks you, Bruno
  6. Hello, I am selling a Fodera Imperial 5 Bubinga (Shape MG) with its original case in perfect condition. Its description is: 24 Frets,34 Scale Length5 String9pc Hard Rock Maple NeckAbalone Line InlayAlder BodyAsh Tone BlockBassBubinga Imperial 5 MG ShapeBubinga TopwoodCrotch Walnut Back VeneerCustom InlayEbony Fingerboard, Fodera Duncan Dual Coil Pickups, Fodera Pope Custom PreampImperialJanuary 2011Large FretsMatt Garrison Control LayoutMG, ShapeNeckThroughPurpleheart and Ebony StringersSolid Top. You can also find it on the Fodera website with this link: fodera.smugmug.com/Newborn-Gallery-Vol-I/Newborn-87/i-Knw2rGN It was designed for a Fodera shareholder who lives in Monaco, and this work of art and its exceptional sound unmatched cost him around 19,000 euros at the time, which is an exorbitant sum! You are responsible for the shipment. You can of course pick it up (and try it) at my home. I sell it because I want to devote myself only to fretless bass. Sincerely, Bruno
  7. It's a pity, I'm looking for a fretless with lined frets. But this bass is wonderful !
  8. HI, is the preamp on 9 or 18 volt ? Is the original case included ? What is his state ? Thanks you.
  9. Hello, is this bass still for sale ? Thanks you
  10. Please, can you post some recordings (mp3) ? Thanks You ! Best regards.
  11. Hello, is it a standart serie ? Best regards.
  12. Hello, is it a standard, a standart plus, a custom or a signature serie ? Best regards.
  13. bmi


    Hi BC, what's his year of building ? Best Regards
  14. bmi


    Hi, please can we have more informations and some pics about these Wal (mk1, mk2, mk3 ?) What year is it ? Thanks you. Best regards, Bruno
  15. Hello, Hello, I sell my Musicman Sabre 1979 color tobacco. Maple fingerboard. Very comfortable in all registers. This Musicman is in a very good condition (see pictures). Sold with its original case. Shipping not included by UPS or FEEDEX from France
  16. Hi John, please how woud be a shipment for France with insurance ? I live in Meulan en Yvelines (78250) ? Best regards, Bruno
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