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  1. i have been thinking about influences in my playing and sound,,, this :- Glen Hughes deep purple/ made in europe, Burke Shelley - budgie, Tom robinson, Chris squire, Geddy Lee, Phil Lynott, the jam, So i started off having new strings all the time to get the clunky sound and even got a Rikki.... them came the precisions (lots of them).... then at some point i realised that the tone has to suit the music This was when i joined an R&B pop type band.... and the Donald duck Dunn sound was the tone... also i discovered short scale... and a love affair begun... i was unfathful a few times and went back to long scale and today i now have the perfect tone for me.... Cort short scale, Markbass and strings that have been on for years. they are roundwound as i dont like the feel of flats... or the cost! But.... I am looking at a white precsion!! Will i ever learn!! i have the perfect tone!! Is it the tone or the look!!!!!
  2. lol hard to pick just one really daydream believer, dont look back in anger, blah blah ..... brain just turns off!! plus sometimes when i am doing backing vox, i just forget i am playing! lol
  3. Cort action junior.... i have one..... best bass i have ever had!
  4. every bass i have ever had sounds like me....from cheaper to very expensive. long scale and short scale
  5. Cort action Junior (short scale) has all the tones you need and is very playable! in fact thro a zoom pedal i can get the stranglers bass sound"
  6. In January auditioned for another band and got the gig.... Then along came Covid..... So i have only done an audition with this band! But the guitarist has hired a HUGE hall (only 3 in band) so distancing is no problem I got a load of PPE from work and hand gels and sprays etc, also visors and masks Woo!
  7. A year later... That band is no more. Got into a new one ... Virus stops play. Who would have thought
  8. lovely playing.... and such great face and head movement!! A joy to watch
  9. did a support slot to Art Nouveau just before they became kajagoogoo spoke to Nick about playing and stuff exchanged a few emails too Nice Guy!
  10. i passed an audition Monday for another band (really like their stuff!) its a trio so no-where to hide... and i gotta do BV's eek! called rock trip (can find on lemonrock site) really looking forward to it!! last band were good too... but singer went mad and left followed by 2nd guitarist a while later.... main guitar (his band) just seemed to lose interest eventually i asked him if we were done... yep! oh well shame
  11. so so sad! He was the reason i started playing bass.... life is a sky high percentage...
  12. A year ago was playing bass with some old friends from school. It was going knowhere. Went on a cruise and got chatting to some of the bass players in the bands. One of them let me have a go on her bass and it was lovely. Cort short scale. Also said the band were her brother's and they were having fun playing covers. I thought... Hmmm. Why not give it a go? Got home and got a Cort. Joined a cover band. Love it! Just found out that they are going to be on the cruise we are going on in the summer! Be nice to meet up and say thanks. Strange how things work out.
  13. Cort action junior. £180 new. Love mine
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