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  1. A year later... That band is no more. Got into a new one ... Virus stops play. Who would have thought
  2. lovely playing.... and such great face and head movement!! A joy to watch
  3. did a support slot to Art Nouveau just before they became kajagoogoo spoke to Nick about playing and stuff exchanged a few emails too Nice Guy!
  4. i passed an audition Monday for another band (really like their stuff!) its a trio so no-where to hide... and i gotta do BV's eek! called rock trip (can find on lemonrock site) really looking forward to it!! last band were good too... but singer went mad and left followed by 2nd guitarist a while later.... main guitar (his band) just seemed to lose interest eventually i asked him if we were done... yep! oh well shame
  5. so so sad! He was the reason i started playing bass.... life is a sky high percentage...
  6. A year ago was playing bass with some old friends from school. It was going knowhere. Went on a cruise and got chatting to some of the bass players in the bands. One of them let me have a go on her bass and it was lovely. Cort short scale. Also said the band were her brother's and they were having fun playing covers. I thought... Hmmm. Why not give it a go? Got home and got a Cort. Joined a cover band. Love it! Just found out that they are going to be on the cruise we are going on in the summer! Be nice to meet up and say thanks. Strange how things work out.
  7. Cort action junior. £180 new. Love mine
  8. As per the above. Do a lot of venues require this? I presume pros have it? But what about amateurs?
  9. Well. Gave them some samples of last gig. And a song list. Getting £400+ food and drinks. And a possible Xmas booking. Happy.
  10. rock/pop covers large hall, charity gig but others are just normal 5 piece band good level of playing (some semi pro) 5 miles away for me but 20 miles for others good grief! so many questions! i feel like i am being interviewed! :) just want a ball park figure for how much (roughly) do others charge (average)
  11. Probably been asked before but how much do other peeps charge for a gig? Rock/pop covers. Approximately 1-1.5 hour show.
  12. All of the above! Get song... Watch.... Learn.... Note... Play until don't need notes. Always take notes with me to rehearsal or gig tho... Just in case I get a block! Lol. I have a 'special' room. ( Where we dry clothes!).
  13. It's the 60w one. It's great! I use markbass combo now... Lovely
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