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  1. Our first number and first gig this year.... i suddenly got nervous and completely mucked up alright now!! ( i have played it for years!)
  2. aDx

    I have an artist endorsement deal

    well done you!
  3. I have always wanted to try an Ampeg SVT amd and 8x10 cab, but cost always denied me At the studio we rehearse in they have one, so I thought I would try it (always usually take my Markbass rig) and..... Wow! its sooooo LOUD! and heavy... I could hardly lift the amp! all in all tho.... prefer my Markbass rig!! lol oh well.... and my strap lock button fell out of my bass!!!! eek!
  4. aDx

    For Beatles Fans Over 65 Only

    love the Beatles.... My dad and uncles had all the vinyl albums... The songs are timeless. The way they made the white album is fascinating. however. One song is so weird ... Number 9. Number 9. Number 9... But bits of it get into your head! I still quote then now! Lol. let us know how the remaster sounds to you blue.
  5. aDx

    first gig done!

    S,,,, funny. We did alright now as first number... And got an attack of nerves! Interesting playing. Lol. Calmed down after first chorus. Never happened before. Remember.... It's for fun... No record company executives or management company to please! Why did I get nervous just playing covers for fun? Lol. Silly me!
  6. aDx

    Adding Tube Warmth to Soiled State Amps

    Bass soul food pedal.... Works for me!
  7. aDx

    first gig done!

    New years eve.... went well (not perfect playing as only 6 rehearsals) but everyone danced , sang etc (even the old folk!! lol) job done.... and its only been 30 years since i last gigged! oh and i met dave grohl... or is it lawrence llewelyn bowen? lol lol
  8. I have had this too... I hear you play in a band? Yes.... I then grin insanely, stare at them and rock side to side End of conversation as they slowly edge away.....
  9. home use only, great action, nice sound with gig bag Got a new bass so dont need two! lol Collection only
  10. aDx

    Short scale bass advice

    Cort action junior.. I have mostly played short scale and this is by far the best one Great tone I have a jaguar short scale for sale! lol