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  1. Ok thanks, might let it go for £10,000,000 🎶
  2. [quote name='Bassassin' timestamp='1471965959' post='3117306'] cYou'll find the same serials on Morris, HS Anderson & MIJ Hohners, all of which came from Moridaira. Not sure how the serials work, but I'm inclined to think they're sequential rather than date-coded. Did you buy it new? It looks late 70s/early 80s to me. Anyway yeah - your bass came from the same factory as Prince's MadCat Tele copy. Jon. [/quote] Jon any ideas about what sort of price they go for ? ( but its a keeper)
  3. Wow, thanks Jon (bassassin) I was given the bass by my brother after he'd sold of bits of my Shaftesbury les Paul ,as compensation,70's to 80's sounds about right he got it of a friend of his. Many thanks 1song
  4. Hi Thunderpaws thanks for the reply, I think I might need to take the neck off and see if there's any clues there and look at the electrics
  5. [size=4][attachment=225869:WP_20160629_15_04_10_Pro.jpg][/size] [size=4]Hello Bass people , I have a old Japanese P bass I've had it since about 1986 , sounds good to me I use it on my demos/ Albums I've no idea what it is as there is no brand name .[attachment=225868:WP_20160629_15_04_04_Pro.jpg][attachment=225868:WP_20160629_15_04_04_Pro.jpg][attachment=225869:WP_20160629_15_04_10_Pro.jpg][attachment=225875:WP_20160629_15_05_39_Pro.jpg][attachment=225876:WP_20160629_15_06_49_Pro.jpg][attachment=225873:WP_20160629_15_05_10_Pro.jpg][attachment=225874:WP_20160629_15_05_26_Pro.jpg][attachment=225876:WP_20160629_15_06_49_Pro.jpg][/size] [size=4]It's pretty heavy and has a Silver Sticker on it with a serial number 815648 [/size] [size=4]I thought some one on here may well be able to identify it, Can anyone identify it please ? Thanks[/size]
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