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  1. As well as transcription being a great learning tool, for rhythmic ideas and trade mark funk ideas I strongly recommend Joe Hubbards book Killer Funk Grooves.....
  2. Hi, for some good slap lessons try Talking Bass.
  3. For a good book on how to play with a plectrum try Plectrum Technique by Stuart Clayton. (bass line publishing). It’s content is full progressive plectrum exercises which are very helpful. As others have mentioned, the key to learning is patience, always practice etudes slowly. Have a consistent structured practice routine & learn to keep emotions, like frustration,,out of the process. Think what you can achieve over the long term not by next week. It’s all in the mind, learning is a mental thing. Most importantly find a GOOD teacher.
  4. Thank you. I'm looking to purchase my first serious bass in this price range. Its a toss up between a MIM Jazz or Warwick. Having real trouble deciding. Have tried a few jazz's but no Warwicks. The Warwick's look so well built and i love the growl. Was hoping you were basesd in London although Oxford is not that far. The versatilty of the Fender is a real pull for me, warm tones & slapabilty. Not sure how the Warwick fits these critera. Trying to find one locally to play...Its active right! but does it have a passive mode as well. Sorry I'm not an expert on guitars.
  5. Is it still available and if so where are you based please?
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