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  1. Spotted a nice Ibanez RS900 today, on a Trafalgar Square busker, no less.

  2. American hops, American hops, everywhere you go, American hops. 

    1. Mykesbass


      As in "Let's go to the hop" hops?

  3. Slightly unusual question: Does anyone know if there's a place near Banbury I can hire a bicycle? 

    1. HazBeen


      I do know where you hire a C0ck Horse .... sorry... couldn’t resist 🤪

    2. Old Horse Murphy

      Old Horse Murphy

      Not too sure, but there's plenty of bells round there, so I'd give them a ring

  4. Is there anyone still making exposed core nickels and flatwounds, like the old Superwounds? All the exposed core strings I can find today are stainless steel only. 

    1. Dood


      You could ask Newtone Strings?

    2. eude


      Yup, Newtone will do you an exposed core in Nickel or Steel :)

    3. ZilchWoolham


      Very interesting - thanks for the tip! 

  5. When a Reverb seller, listed as a quick responder, hasn't answered my question in a week, should I assume they're on holiday, or otherwise absent? 

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    2. Sibob


      Define 'quick' ;)

    3. ZilchWoolham


      Well, I checked their shop page again, and the "quick responder" badge is now gone! I suppose I might not be the only one getting no reply, then. Which, in a way, is good news. 

    4. lowregisterhead


      Create a profile in their name on a BDSM website, and state that they "accept personal callers". That should get their attention.

  6. Thinking about making an offer on a 74 Precision. What's a reasonable price to pay? Non-original hardcase, one changed pot, otherwise seemingly original with black scratchplate and in rather pretty but certainly not pristine condition. 

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    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      Have seen them go for around £1500 - £2000 mark. But depends on model / colour / condition etc.
      One going locally to me recently, started out at £2000 (which I didn't think it was worth)
      ended up going down to £1500 but still didn't sell that quickly... went in the end, but don't know how much for
      Put your offer in - they can only say no (if it's not too low - or you might get another phrase lol)
      Good luck

    3. Burns-bass


      Play it first. Some of the mid-70s Precisions were absolute dogs. Does it come with the original bridge and pickup covers? I"d say £1500 is reasonable if it plays well and is all original (aside from the changed pot), but make sure you give it a try first! 

    4. ZilchWoolham


      Thanks for the replies! As it happens, I just found a 1972 Precision, and the seller is asking less than £2K. I've sent him a message asking whether it's all in original condition. Would I be correct to assume that the two years from '74 to '72 would be reflected in the price (albeit not to the same degree as the difference between a '72 and a '70)? The condition is a bit rougher, though, with some rather severe belt buckle rash (bare wood). 

  7. I've decided to get myself a good high-end microphone to suit a number of different applications (various acoustic instruments, guitar and bass cabinets, vocals), since one (1) is all I can justify at the moment. I'm torn between a KM84 and a U87 (clone). The KM84 sounds incredibly sweet and natural on acoustic instruments, but I haven't heard it being used for vocals or cab miking. The U87 sounds great for everything and more versatile thanks to the pattern switch, but perhaps not QUITE as sweet as the KM84 in certain applications. Does anyone here have any experiences with the KM84 as a vocal or cab mic? Then there's also the KMS84, which might just be the better option, IF it does indeed sound just like the KM when the windscreen is removed.

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    2. ZilchWoolham


      Better than Warm! That is to say, more accurate anyway. Stam Audio. And yes, I'm veering towards the U87, I think. The KM84 is a bloody nice sounding mic, though. 

    3. ZilchWoolham


      I was quite floored by a comparison between a vintage U87, the Warm and the Stam. The Warm sounded nice, but different, while the Stam sounded identical. 

    4. SICbass


      If it's high quality and versatility that you're after, have you had a look at these? They're getting a lot of love all over the interweb at the minute.


      Here's a video reviewing the system.



  8. Unusually for me, I actually have money to spend, but now I can't find what I want. It's almost as frustrating as finding something and not being able to buy it. 

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    2. ZilchWoolham


      Waiting game indeed! I have alerts set up on eBay, Gumtree and Reverb. And yes, holding on to the money is the tricky part. Luckily, everything else I've had GAS for recently is nowhere to be seen, either! 
      Do you know how long it's customary to wait before relisting a wanted ad?

    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      Hmmm, no I don't know how long that should be....
      Perhaps it might be best to delete your original ad first?
      It's probably in the rules somewhere.... or maybe a Moderator / member of the admin team will know....

    4. ZilchWoolham


      I just noticed there's no delete feature! Probably best to ask a mod, then. 

  9. Is there a way to scale the GUI of the new site? I'm using a 32" TV as my monitor and I'd like to make things a little less enormous, if possible. Also, is there a way to increase the number of threads shown per page? 

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    2. ZilchWoolham


      I should add that I'm finding great new features all the time and I didn't mean to sound a bit miserable. I can only commend the effort put into the migration and having the site feel so familiar despite the new software. 

    3. ped


      Thanks, nice of you to say. @charic did all the work :)

    4. geoffbyrne


      You can always try [CTRL -] and [CTRL +] to make the font smaller & bigger to taste.


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