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  1. PRICE DROP: 125£ For sale is a like new, never gigged Solid Gold Horizon compressor with box. Free worldwide shipping.
  2. Price drop: 90£ For sale is a mint condition Broughton Azure Drive. Top jacks, velcro on the back. Any questions, please ask. Free shipping worldwide!
  3. For sale is a pristine and in perfect working order Wren & Cuff Phat Phuk B. Any questions, please ask! Free shipping worldwide!
  4. Yup -- thanks for the additional info on the etch this one is the only purple one in the wild, Dunn himself has #1.
  5. PRICE DROP to £140 For sale/trade is a recently acquired and rare CVLT from Big Game Pedals & Dunn Effects. This pedal is no longer in production and was part of a very limited run. It replicates the famous Peavey Super Festival F800B preamp and is a super gnarly and hard-to-find box. Amazing unit, just won't be useful for me, so moving it along. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. More information here and here. Free worldwide shipping!
  6. For sale is an MXR Bass Envelope Filter in perfect working order and very good condition. Includes box and docs. Free shipping inside the UK and EU. Questions, please ask!
  7. For sale is a mint condition Dunwich Volt Thrower (#59 of a late 2016 batch), for my money THE best rat-based pedal out there. Includes box and candy. Lots of love for this pedal over on TalkBass, all of it warranted. Selling because I have a custom version coming from Dunwich that will replace it, otherwise this beast would not go anywhere. Any questions, please ask! Only available direct from the builder in the US, so save on customs and shipping! Free shipping inside Europe and the UK. Info: http://dunwichamps.b...ct/volt-thrower [attachment=256788:front.jpg] [attachment=256789:guts.jpg] [attachment=256790:lid.jpg]
  8. Yes it does -- pots are blend, distortion, tone and volume. Let me know if you want pictures.
  9. For sale is a Crowella Animated (Animato clone) in perfect condition. Cool pedal, just not the sound I'm looking for. Thanks for looking and please let me know if you have any questions. Free shipping inside Germany, buyer will have to kick in a few pounds/euros for other countries depending on where it's going. Info: [url="http://effects.crowella.org/"]http://effects.crowella.org/[/url] [attachment=255499:anipedal.jpg] [attachment=255501:aniguts.jpg] [attachment=255500:anibox.jpg]
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