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  1. why not but with what?
  2. hi, for sale my Sadowsky NYC 5, bought new in 2016 with original case .
  3. i have change the mike pope preamp with the aguilar obp3 i also give the mike pope with the bass
  4. [u][b][u]New Price 2450 £[/u][/b][/u]
  5. for sale sadowsky nyc modern 5-24 (2012) specs here www.sadowsky.com/stock/view/6029.html sold with case [b][u]New Price 2450 £[/u][/b]
  6. for sale 2011 FClef Custom classic 5 transparent white / matching headstock ash body neck 34" - 21frets with birdseye maple fingerboard mother of pearl blocks inlays & binding Seymour Duncan custom made "vintage singles coils in 70's position preamp Aguilar OBP - 3SK-PP very good condition sold with case [b][u]New Price 1650£[/u][/b]
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