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  1. PRICE DROP: £30 Unopened pack of DR Hi-Beams. 5 strings. Gauges: 40-120. Stainless Steel strings on round core. Collection in London or shipment at buyer's expense, thanks for looking.
  2. Selling this MTD Kingston Z5 Bass with upgraded John East Preamp. I got it in a trade a few years ago but never really played it and only now managed to bring it back home from Italy where it sat in a closet. The bass has quite a few dings, scratches and cracks as it was very lovingly used by its previous owner, but since its getting very little play-time from me I'd rather it find a new friend. The bass was upgraded by the previous owner with a John East Preamp, giving it a whole range a possible sounds. The preamp includes controls for Lows, Highs, Mids, Mid-frequency selector, Volume, Pan-Pot, and a tone control with active/passive push pull. The tone control works in both active and passive modes. Collection only in London please, and not looking for trades. I've tried to highlight as many of the dings as possible but these are purely aesthetic, other than that the bass plays beautifully and just needs a quick set-up. Thanks for looking!
  3. Selling this Hercules FS100B Guitar Foot-Rest as it is superfluous to my needs. Collection or shipment at buyer's own expense. Specs: Sturdy and Durable Height adjustable 5-Inch - 10-Inch , Weight 1. 8 lbs. Base diameter 11-Inch x 5. 5-Inch Load capacity 198 lbs.
  4. Price drop: £250 Selling this orange GR Bass Cabinet as it is surplus to my needs. Completely handmade in Italy the cab is in great condition, has just a few small dings, and has mostly seen home use and a three or four gigs. It ssounds great, is quite loud, punchy but clean, and the tweeter can be controlled by a variable attenuator via a knob on the back. Plus, the orange colour will definitely get you noticed on stage! Collection only please, thanks for looking. Here are the specs: Speakers: 1x12" Bass Reflex and 1" Tweeter 1" with attenuator 350 Watt RMS 8 Ohms Dimensions (cm): 51x39x43 Weight: 12,8 Kg Input and Link Speakon Sockets
  5. DR Pure Blues 40-100, unopened. Had these for a while but never needed to put them on my bass as my current strings just won't die. Collection in person or shipped at buyer's expense. Thanks.
  6. Neotech Bass Strap Regular (36" - 45" (91,4-114,3cm). Great neoprene strap that makes every bass lighter, just selling as not getting along with the bounciness (still on the less-bouncy side of the spectrum). Used a couple of times in rehearsal. Collection in person or shipment at buyer's expense. Thanks for looking.
  7. PRICE DROP: £50 Selling this gator bass case. Condition is "Used". Collection Only in London, thanks for looking. Bass Case Material: Polyethylene TSA locks Dimensions Body length: 537 mm Body height: 67 mm Lower body width: 346 mm Middle body width: 346 mm Top body width: 346 mm Overall length: 1210mm Further Information Model Universal Finish Plastic Colour Black
  8. Indeed - I'm actually going to try them because I've read a lot of good reviews. I'll have to wait a while because the Dogal Strings I'm using are still sounding great after months and months of use 😅
  9. Unopened set of a DR Pure Blues (40-100). Nickel roundwound strings, round core for warmth and flexibility, long scale. Collection in London or shipment at buyer's expense, thanks.
  10. Unopened set of DR Pure Blues 40-100. Warm tone, smooth feel, round core for that flexibility. Can ship but postage not included in price. Thanks for looking!
  11. Selling this Phil Jones Big Head HA-1 Headphone Amplifier. Excellent condition, works perfectly, just selling to fund another purchase. Can be used as a super clean headphone amplifier, as a quality boost for media players, as an audio interface for recording, and as an external preamp for mixers and amplifiers. Comes with carry case, short aux cable, charging cable, and aux to 1/4inch jack cable. Collection in London or shipment, no trades please, thanks for looking. Specs from Phil Jones: Mobile Amp and Audio Interface The PJB BigHead is not big at all. In fact it is barely larger than an iPhone. The “Big” is about the sound. It functions first as an awesome bass headphone amplifier with 2 band EQ ( +/- 18db @ 60 Hz and +/- 18dB @ 5KHz) set for optimization of all kinds of bass instruments. Unlike consumer electronic MP3 players and smartphones that have very small power output of around 20 milliwatt to drive headphones, the BigHead has more than 10 times the power. This contributes to a far more exhilarating listening experience with increased resolution and dynamics. Even if you are just listening to music, the BigHead will be a great improvement to your regular headphones, adding more listening pleasure. A more important function of the BigHead is being a recording tool both in digital and analog. As an Analog Digital Converter, it has the finest BURR BROWN digital components. The USB out is 48KHz 16Bit digital conversion. In other words, recording your bass into Pro Tools will give you exactly what you wish for and absolutely nothing else. Maybe you need an analog preamp. The Big Head can do that too. It will provide up to 12dB of gain and better than 96 dB signal to noise ratio. Just use the headphone out jack to feed an amp or mixer. It is also a perfect match with PJB powered monitors, the PB 100 or PB 300. It has an internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is fed by its USB jack, so any computer or appropriate cell phone charger can charge it in less than 3 hours, but it can play for up to 8 hours.
  12. PRICE REDUCTION: £50 Handmade in the US, this brown leather strap by LK features a multi-colour LK logo and a wide range of adjustable lengths. Ideal for heavier instruments, the strap has a worn-in feeling due to LK using repurposed leather. Purchased a year ago, the strap only has some minor wear and tear around the strap holes. Collection in Hackney, London or shipment at buyer's expense. Thanks for looking and have a premium day 🙂
  13. Selling this MXR Vintage Bass Octave Mini Octaver Pedal - great condition, purchased recently but just not what I'm after in an octaver pedal. Only minimal use at home, comes with Box, AC adapter, and rubber feet. Collection in person or shipment at buyer's expense. Thanks for looking.
  14. Selling this Hamstead Soundworks Subspace Overdrive Pedal as I'm looking to downsize my board. Used but in excellent condition, handmade in the UK, this pedal is a true Swiss-Army knife od distortion pedals - it can go from clean boost, to subtle drive, to modern aggressive tones, to crazy fuzzess (See specs below). It also features a Parallel control to retain your low end as well as a super silent Octo-switch. Collection in person or shipment at buyer's expense. Thanks for looking. Product webpage: Features -10dB Input Gain Switch Oversaturated, Glitchy Fuzz Mid-Boosted Drive +/-18dB of Treble and Bass Boost and Cut Parallel Dry Control with x2 Boost Defined High Gain Distortion Warm, Vintage Overdrive Frequency Specific Clipping Powerful, Versatile Tone Shaping 3 Clipping Circuits Optical OptoKick Footswitch (Silent and Reliable Switching) Compact, Durable Build
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