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  1. PRICE DROP - £370. Lefty, Short scale ( 30.75 inches) in superb condition.( Only 'blemish' is highlighted in photo) Great fat sound, incredible sustain, especially up the 'dusty end! Humbucking/single-coil option at the pull of the tone knobs. Always got attention for its looks and ability to cut through the mix. These are still selling new for £645-£699. Thinning down collection and this bass deserves to be more than just a lovely ornament ! Prefer collection in person but can post with UK - £15. fitted with Daddario ( Chromes) flatwound strings. No case. but would be well packed for delivery. pm me with any queries. See specs here: https://www.hagstromguitars.com/basses/swede/swede-bass.html
  2. Thanks Dave! But it would appear there may have been a case of mistaken identity with that promo video. It contains the previous bassist and a fellow Basschat member further down this thread seems to disagree with your kind comments about me, due to the fact that it is not me..
  3. Spondon Bass, I am the current bassist ( Joe Hope) in Ultimate Bowie. If you are judging the bass playing in the promo video posted on this thread, it shows the [b]previous bassist.[/b] There have been several line up changes since the early video from around 8 years ago ! The drummer, saxophonist and myself have been with UB for around 4 years now. So, it is NOT me in that video. I try to remain as true as possible to the original recordings. I would not dream of overplaying in an 8-piece band ! Hope that has cleared up the confusion. Many thanks to the OP for the nice words.
  4. I believe I bought it from you around. 5-6 years ago? I sold it to a lad in Stockton, Teeside. I could ask if he still has it but I don't think I have seen him photographed with it.
  5. The Mick Karn rant... !!!!! That is why he is so rated... he was unique. So he sounded like Mick Karn on everything he did? HELLO! If a 'supergroup' asked him to be part of a project,,, I think it is because they wanted a Mick Karn vibe. Otherwise there are plenty of the bassist who sound like.. each other.
  6. got a pair of JBNXN's coming tomorrow. I expect greatness
  7. So, the only bass pups available on the official site re the PBX and JBX, there is a JBXN on ebay. ?
  8. Very happy with the B3. For Live work I use mainly for a bit of compression ( D-Comp with compression set lower than the factory setting....took a few goes! ) , Octave and a Boost for soloing. Also an edited synth bass for one song. Don't do the distortion thing. Only gripe: it's easy to stamp on 2 pedals at once if you not careful and you can end up on a different by sound bank. (easier to bend down and manually change back by hand - 5 seconds job) I need to stop wearing my clown shoes for gigs
  9. Andy is " living with AIDS" as he put it and has to maintain a strict regime of exercise, diet and sleep to stay on top of it all. I believe he had some sort of cancer battle back in the 80's while away from the music scene. Then of course the AIDS. One if his finest songs post Free was his solo " Healing Hands" with the video featuring him and a 'male partner' meeting his ex-wife and 2 daughters. He has gone through the mill in his personal life, and I will be eternally grateful to him for waking up my musical awareness and love of bass. An absolute legend in my eyes.
  10. [quote name='MB1' timestamp='1387448858' post='2311992'] MB1. ...7 days and still no sign of land? BUMP! [/quote] I was wanting it but, won't ship. So how can you think about finding land without a ship? :OD
  11. But of course beware of something sound great in the house and pre-band sound check as once it all fires up you can get lost with too much compression. It happened to me last week! Experimentation needed.
  12. Of course not everyone will like a Wal. BUT. I have tried about 6 Wal's since buying mine, and all have been consistent in construction/feel/sound. Unlike a Fender bass. One ( Usa v Usa etc) compared to another can feel like night and day. It never ceases to amaze me how a Fender is said to be the Mecca ( ok original electric bass, hats off) of basses, yes there is so much trepidation from potential owners when it comes to finding on that feels like a good one. So, a Wal may not be your bag, but the only way it could be a ''bad one' is if someone has tampered with it in a careless way. Absolute craftsmanship cannot be denied.
  13. don't bother coming to Newcastle. Shops have 94% guitars......... and don't get me started on left-handed basses !!!!
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