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  1. This has now been sold Thank you
  2. Tina

    Where are the Zons

    Nice collection you have Andy. It looks at home next to his Brothers[sub] [/sub] I think you will be very happy together. Cheers Tina
  3. Tina

    Where are the Zons

    Hi, I have just sold this one
  4. Hiya - This Zon Legacy Elite Special has been sold How do I Edit the title to say SOLD? Thank you all for your help Kind Regards Tina
  5. Hi, The length of the neck (The part with Frets on) is 2 foot (24') The radius(width of neck) is 1.5' - 2.5' (Top to the bottom) Sorry not too sure how to measure the radius! Worth a look? Kind Regards. Tina
  6. Hi. I live in Gt Gransden. SG19 3AP. What did you have in mind pricewise for the [list] [*] [/list] Hartke Transporter Bass Speaker Thank you Tina
  7. Hi. No trades please. I will try to get more info on the neck. Thank you
  8. Sensible offers welcome? Thank you
  9. Hartke Transporter Bass Speaker Remains offers welcome.... Thank you
  10. [size="2"]Legacy Elite Special, one of the premium models and has a rare beeswing bubinga top[/size]
  11. Sensible offers are welcome. Thank you Tina
  12. Some more photos: Thank you
  13. Price Reduction My Husband has listed the x2 TE Cabs on Ebay at £125 Each?
  14. Update: The Amps have now been sold. Thank you Tina
  15. I welcome any advise guys. Thank you
  16. Remaining: Trace Elliott AH400- £400 x1 15" cab - £130 x4 10" cab- £130 Collection only as they are very heavy. Thank you
  17. Great - I have someone coming to view this tomorrow.
  18. Hi, It's a Great Guitar. Not only does it look Great it sounds fantastic and well worth the money. In 5 years time I'm sure If looked after would be worth even more. It comes with a case and so travels well....
  19. Hi Luulox, I live in Cambridgeshire (Gt Gransden) Would you like to pop by? Tina
  20. Music was my Dads life. His Guitars were well looked after. They are both in Great condition.
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