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  1. Evening all. I have just taken the plunge into my latest foray of 5 string tomfoolery, and purchased myself a Yamaha BB235 in black. Bass is pending arrival, so I haven't had a chance to give it a go and see what I make of them yet but I'm willing to give them a chance (I may love the stock pickups!) As I've read the stock pickups are quite decent on their own, and that the YGD designed pickups in these entry level basses are generally a cut above the usual fare you'd expect to find in an entry level bass. However, there's a good chance I may not like them as I tend to take a liking to more modern, aggressive sounding pickups, such as the Seymour Duncan SPB-3. Which leads me to my request for recommendations... Which 5 string P/J sets are available that would fit the bill of a modern sounding, fairly hot P/J? I've seen that Seymour Duncan offers a quarter pound P bass and J bass bridge pickup separately and I'm especially interested in these, I used to have a quarter pound in an old fender P I had years ago but have no experience on how they handle a low B, and have no idea how good/bad the 1/4lb J bass bridge pickup is. Anybody use/has used the quarter pound P/J 5 string sets on here willing to give a wee review? Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated too, I've seen there are offerings from Nordstrand, EMG and Aguilar to name a few, would any of these cover the general thing I'm aiming for? Cheers!
  2. Thanks all. I think I'm just gonna leave it, sounds a lot more complicated than the deal's worth. Thanks for all your quick and helpful replies! Certainly helped me realise the complexities of importing guitars!
  3. Hello everyone. I've got a few questions about concerns of mine regarding importing an instrument from the USA to Scotland. Basically, the deal is a good one. I will be swapping my Trace Elliot head for a nice 5 string LTD by ESP bass. The only concerns of mine are... Seeing as no actual money is being exchanged, if the value of the instrument is around £250 and at an estimate shipping is an extra £150, how much am I likely to pay in import taxes/duties? Also, what is the general idea of CITES regulations regarding the rosewood fretboard? Is this likely to be more hassle for a better deal than I'd find in the UK, than the better deal is worth?
  4. Thanks man! I'm due to try this out at next band practice so will see what happens from there on. How would you rate these as value for money against their peers?
  5. Thanks for the price guide dude! I've always been weirdly intrigued by these, it's just good timing that one should show up now!
  6. Evening/morning all (depending upon what time you read this). I have been offered a Rockbass Streamer. It's a model I haven't seen before, and from what I can tell it's an earlier model (one piece high-mass style bridge, "Rockbass" logo on headstock with the warwick logo on the truss rod cover instead of the "W" logo on the headstock. It's a single MEC pickup, with 2x controls (volume and tone, I'd assume) and a strat type input jack on the front. Translucent red finish. Guy knows absolutely nothing about basses, and said it's been lying for quite some time in the back of a wardrobe. Any idea what these were worth when they first came out, and what a reasonable offer would be for one? Cheers in advance! Michael
  7. I was in fact looking at the CTM30 not too long ago, but decided I need more watts hence the purchase of the ABM. I never realised they only ever made 50 of the limited edition combos, 25 2x10s and 25 1x15s. Score!
  8. Yeah, I'll agree with that one. Switching between my P and my Rick usually needs a minor tweak, especially when using either pickup solo'd. Using both pickups together produces a fairly nice sound, even when used with an EQ set for a P bass. But, then again sometimes utilizing the pre-set EQ shape can help massively for this too. If EQ fiddles are needed, the only saving grace is that I find the Ashdown easier to set than the Trace with its simpler EQ. As I mentioned before, the Trace sound is always unmistakably Trace, and sounds good no matter what but the Ashdown does tend to need a bit of a tweak depending on which bass is put through it!
  9. I must admit, between the Ashdown and Trace there isn't much in it. Both have insanely musical EQ sections. I suspect you'd do better with the Ashdown if you're used to a GP7 Trace head, as that's what the ABM series up to the latest EVO4 has. 3 knobs for bass, mid and treble, with 2 sliders between each section for fine tuning. These sliders are also MEGA sensitive, you can sculpt about any tone you'd be able to get out of a Trace. In saying that, Ashdown for me just doesn't have that mojo that makes trace gear unmistakably trace. It has it's own mojo, and its awesome but as said before it does the whole "vintage" thing a lot better. If you're a guy who likes his P basses, and want a fairly SVT-esque growl without the weight while having an almost trace sound while on clean, the Ashdown would be your thing through and through. For tweakers and tone sculptors, who want that 80s/90s Brit bass tone, the Trace will be your friend. It also makes Rickenbackers sound as beautiful as they look 😁
  10. I bought a Trace rig about 2 years ago now to replace some of my older gear. A series6 AH200 GP12 and a mk3/mk4 1048 cabinet (not sure on mk, it's one of the ones from around the '84 Mark anyway with the wooden grille surround) and it has always sounded fantastic. It's replaced gear by the likes of Gallien Krueger, Ashdown, Mesa Boogie and it outperforms all of them by a good margin. The only reason it stays mainly in the house is because I got a sweet deal on an Ashdown ABM c210h 500 evo3 15th anniversary and it's a good deal lighter than the Trace rig. I do love both sounds, Ashdown and Trace but the Trace sounds absolutely fantastic, and if it was maybe 15kg's lighter it would be my one and only 😂 Also, see attached photo from when the Ashdown head was out for repairs and I stuck the Trace head in for sh**s and giggles. Fitted like a glove, and sounded otherworldly! 😃 If anybody ever gets offered an Ashdown combo with a goosed head, take it, and use it for the same thing I did. Those Ashdown speakers go perfectly with the Trace head! Heresy!
  11. It would appear so! a couple of years ago I actually purchased the ABM 500 head, but with a Mesa Boogie Diesel 1x15. I miss that, and I dearly regret selling it on. I haven't seen any prices floating around, but I quite believe they made a fair price, I'm not surprised due to their scarcity and the fact I've seen that these were made in the UK custom shop! Not sure what truth is in that but it's cool anyway, and sounds great!
  12. Also, were there any differences between these and your regular ABM combo? I understand these were made in the UK shop, were there any other differences other than the carbon wrap? Cheers!
  13. That certainly does help clear things up, thank you very much! Just out of curiosity, how much did these retail at when brand new? I paid £325 for this one second hand, and can't help but think I've gotten an absolute steal due to it's rarity and sound quality! It'd be an absolute steal without being that rare, sounds perfect!
  14. I bought this for ease of transport. It still weighs a bit for a portable combo, but I'm happy with the weight. 30-odd-kg all in is a Damn sight better than my old Trace 4x10!
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