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  • Birthday 27/10/1961

    Hi there ! could you add a pic of the back of the headstock please ? it looks a lovely bass, cheers, mart
  2. hi, very nice bass.. original pickups included or not ? is postage a possibility ? cheers for now N
  3. This is real nice.. im in northamptonshire too.. it might sound daft but do you have any of the original hardware /parts with it ? I'll PM you later ... cheers, martin ( duston )
  4. *TRADED* Squier JV Jazz Bass '83 - TRADED, PLEASE DELETE

    Really like that track... kicks from start to finish.. GLWTS N
  5. Vintage 70's Fender P bass... Oh no it isn't!

    If you look closely the fingerboard is OAK ! you can see its medullary rays... people are bidding way too high on it but what can be done ? N
  6. SOLD!!!!!Kraken Champ 6 String Bass

    This is rather nice, have a bump on me... where was it made ? cheers Nashy
  7. Status Energy SOLD

    That's a beautiful refin Ash.. what a gorgeous looking bass ! GLWTS Mart
  8. ** SOLD**Trace Elliot GP12 SMX 1x15 300w Combo

    Hi, its very frustrating we are so far apart, i cant drive anymore through disability but im looking for a 1x15 trace, have the cash BUT im in northampton ! price is right too but its just impossible, cant imagine any courier wanting to bring it... i'll try and find one nearer here, perhaps someone has one ? .. best wishes, martin
  9. Dave De Rose Music

    hiya, had a good listen, nicely recorded, one track stood out for me " time to process " albiet short it has a wonderful feel, I like the layers of bass and the harmonic overtones... it reminds me of portishead and other tracks of Japan, very nice indeed, well done ! cheers, martin
  10. A long, improvised ambient solo bass track.

    I love giant soundscapes like this , very very clever use of instruments and techniques, the only minus comment i would make is its a little quiet on laptop speakers and headphones connected to it, and as we know a lot of people listen on portable units now, i do realise it builds, and it keeps the ears interested throughout, great job !! martin
  11. Thank you fellas for your comments, unfortunately dad3353 you almost certainly wont like our next one on waterloo.
  12. Is no one interested enough to make a comment ? I know its not a cheery subject but we owe those men and women so much, and when you consider that those men had to almost stop " thinking " as they went over the top, as any intelligent human would have known they were charging towards certain death, the alternative being shot for cowardice, an impossible terminal decision. Martin
  13. very impressive indeed, i have a traben too and they do have something a little different, not sure what it is but it sure sounds good on this ! well done. N
  14. First video

    I love the vocal harmonies, and it is beautifully recorded, nice job chaps !!! my son went to brighton music uni, alec, he was in the peppermint beat band, im an old git but i really like what you have here ! mart
  15. Hi, we are Axegoblin music ( a.k.a ellis-nash songwriters ) and we have written this track about the futility and outrageous waste of life during the battles of world war one, particularly trench warfare at the Somme. Whilst at the same time honouring the brave and fearless men that fought in the first world war, you will hear the voices of two tommies, their voices breaking with emotion and also a Wilfred Owen poem in the centre section, such a wonderful war poet who unfortunately died in the last throes of the war, he remains one of my greatest influences as a poet/lyricist. Brainless tactics robbed so many thousands of young men of full lives and futures. My own Grandfather Joseph Nash was seriously injured at the somme and Ady's great great uncle George William Bland was Killed in action 10/08/1917 at Flanders, we honour them here. We are looking for opinions, a critique please, we would really appreciate that. I'll attach my lyric sheet below.... and here is the link to youtube for you. Thank you very much, Martin Nash. [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8lcF9A6fhk"]https://www.youtube....h?v=M8lcF9A6fhk[/url] Any more info on us and our wide range of music please just email me , [email protected]