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  1. Hello, How old is it? I am interested if it is still available. Cheers
  2. [quote name='Iain' timestamp='1449919600' post='2927940'] Johnny - are you able to try one in a store? Best way to be sure. Decided to gig mine last night rather than my Dingwall and it's a great bass. [/quote] I decided to take your advise and being on business trip in NY picked up one for very good price. Indeed. Nice bass. But I rather still keep my US Standard with custom shop pick ups as a main gig instrument. All of a sudden, I feel sorry to slap Mr Lee
  3. Hi Guys, I am just about o place an order for American Geddy Lee J-bass to replace American Standard with custom shop pick ups, The main reason is the neck on AS is too thin for me to play. Is it right that Geddy Lee JB does have a thicker neck? Does somebody have American Geddy Lee JB for sale or for part ex-change to me AS JB? Cheers
  4. [quote name='scrumpymike' timestamp='1449499438' post='2924066'] I'm not into the slap style of playing but, when I was looking round for stuff about the Gibson Les Paul Junior DC before I bought one, I found a great demo of one by Scott Whitley and, if I remember right, it included some slapping. Just Google the bass and it should come up. Btw, if you like it, there's a minter currently on sale on this forum at a very reasonable (for US-built Gibbo) £450 - no, it's not mine!! Cheers, Mike PS If you can't find it I'll try and post a link. [/quote] Is it in light blue? Is it short scale bass?
  5. Thanks you. I think I saw it. Is it in light blue colour? Is it short scale?
  6. [quote name='cytania' timestamp='1449498796' post='2924053'] Hi Johnny, you may be assuming that Fender and Gibson are the two big names to check out. That may be true in the world of electric guitars but for bass Gibson are an under-achiever. Gibson have never had a model that bass players have whole heartedly embraced. That position probably goes to the Rickenbacker 4001/4003. For slap look modern style through neck basses with active electronics. Status comes to mind straight away. [/quote] Could you tell me please more about the Rickenbacker? I have never tried them. Are they any good for slapping?
  7. [quote name='bigsmokebass' timestamp='1449498540' post='2924047'] Just like slapping a jazz bass.... Different sounds obviously but what tones I set on the bass/amp will be different to yours [/quote] I undertsand that you own the T-Bird? Could you please tell me if the scale length is the same as on J-bass? What strings do you use? Is the T-Bird is different in soung to Les Paul bass?
  8. [quote name='neepheid' timestamp='1449498367' post='2924041'] I think the video title is sarcastic. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hge1FpFTx8M[/media] [/quote] Thanks you. Very interesting and very different from J-bass. It reminds me of a slap on P-bass actually.
  9. [quote name='EliasMooseblaster' timestamp='1449498041' post='2924035'] This is a very good point - my SG bass would be no good for slap style. The other consideration is that a lot of the more readily available Gibson basses (SGs, T-birds) tend to have quite a dark sound. Obviously you can EQ the amp to counteract this, but you may find the guitar's basic tone lacks the combination of "clank" and "burp" that are normally blended on a Jazz bass for classic slap tones. (But then I'm a Gibson fan, and not a slap player, so take my advice with a healthy pinch of salt!) [/quote] Thanks you very much. I was actually after Gibson bass fans advises!
  10. [quote name='neepheid' timestamp='1449497562' post='2924025'] I can't slap, so please forgive me if this is crap. It depends upon the Gibson bass - the SG for instance (and a few others like the pre-1972 EB, plus the Victory Custom/Artist, Midtown Standard/Signature) has its neck pickup jammed up against the neck heel and therefore could frustrate the popping part of slapping by limiting the amount of space available to get under the strings. Carved tops to a lesser extent could also cause issues in this respect (will have to check my Epi Les Paul about this). Apart from these simple mechanical compromises, there's nothing stopping you slapping on a Gibson bass. [/quote] Thanks you very much. It is very interesting short review. How about the Thunderbird? Has anybody tried to slap on it?
  11. [quote name='RhysP' timestamp='1449497055' post='2924008'] I'm not saying you couldn't slap on a Gibson, obviously you could slap any bass if you wanted to, I'm just puzzled as to why a Gibson would be the number one choice for a Mark King fan. [/quote] I want something different from Fender J-bass.
  12. [quote name='Truckstop' timestamp='1449496573' post='2923996'] Technique is everything with slap. I'm no slap monster, but whenever I try a bit of slap on different basses I generally sound the same which leads me to believe that anything will do the job as long as you can slap well. [/quote] After this phrase I actually see Mark King with Custom made Olympic bass. I actually tried to slap on Sting signature bass with very interesting result, very different from my J-bass.
  13. He guys, I am a bit new here. Currently I have Fender Jazz Bass American Standard with custom shop pick ups. I would like to have an another bass at hand, a little bit different from my Fender. Actually, the Fender is a great instrument except the one thing for me - quite narrow neck. I am looking for a bass with kind of 50th neck profile and short scale length as well. Recently I came across Gibson basses like Les Paul and SG, EG models. The thing is, the demos I found on youtube showing only finger style playing and sadly no slap at all. I am Mark King`s fan and for me the slap is a must. Could somebody advise me please if you tried the slap on Gibson basses? How does it sound? Which Gibson bass is the best in your opinion? Maybe somebody foes have a Gibson bass for sale or trade in for my J-bass? Thanks in advance
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