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  1. 1987 wenge 1983 American walnut Wal custom.
  2. Chowny SWB1 pro for me. Huge sound from a small bass. 18v super loud too.
  3. Nice gear Nick though you make the first one sound like Triggers broom πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
  4. Frank, you won’t be disappointed. I also bought one unseen/unplayed. After a wee tweak on the frets/nut, as I like the action super low it is a fantastic piece of kit. Really nice thing to play.
  5. 1983 Wal custom fretless.
  6. Yes it is indeed a 30” scale. It plays really well with a fast neck. Action could and will be a bit lower but that is by no means a criticism , just personal taste. The sound is really punchy and the emg’s and active circuit give it a wide range of sounds ?
  7. First impressions? Fantastic piece of kit. Loud as a loud thing too !
  8. Hi, I have one too. It's a lovely thing to own and play. Difficult to fault really though I did fit a Schaller bridge to it.
  9. Kevan

    So... Wal, eh?

    Clearly I'm biased but fie me the mk1 is the best shape. Personal taste will dictate shape and finish but playing on is the proof of the pudfing
  10. Love that story Monkey Steve πŸ‘
  11. [quote name='naxos10' timestamp='1461671167' post='3036582'] Have a look in the affiliates section where scrumpymike has posted his comments and there are also reviews on Scott's website. [/quote] Thanks buddy
  12. Hi all, does anyone have one of these or experience of playing one? The standard active bass at under Β£600 looks like a bargain to me, if they are as good as the blurb would have you believe Cheers Kevan
  13. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1460059073' post='3022304'] I love all basses ... Well except Rics obviously. [/quote] Lol troo dat.
  14. Glwts. I have one of these. Fabulous bass!!
  15. [quote name='whaleboys' timestamp='1459610013' post='3018080'] Sorry - I don't know the exact year - early 1980's i believe. Maybe someone can age it from the pictures. I found it a bit confusing on the Tokai registry to give a precise date. [/quote] Ok cheers buddy.
  16. [quote name='neilp' timestamp='1456866727' post='2993124'] Maybe they paid him to stop [/quote] πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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