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  1. Hi thanks for relying , I tried out a gear4music upright not much of a selection I know where I live (Teesside) , it sounded fine , all be it a bit flimsy to play and hold . I have a 3/4 double bass which has had it's knocks through time , but still sounds good . At the moment I'm nursing a poorly thumb which hurts like buggery if I merely touch something ..so I'll have to wait now .
  2. Hi all , I am wanting to buy a decent electric upright bass for gigging , are Stagg bass any good as they seem a fair price , and from what I hear on youtube they sound pretty good too , but are there any drawback as I've also looked at others beyond my price range . Thank You !
  3. In what was is it not happening , no sound , bad sound . I was talking to some guy a few years ago who had a Stagg eub and he told me it was ok for the house , but not for gigging as I was thinking of getting one at the time
  4. It's when forming a new band and the guitarist plays all those cheesy eighties rock anthems at full blast makes me cringe , everyone else say's oh I remember that one , lets play it , and the bass parts are just plain rubbish , just holding one note four beats to the bar stuff throughout ,while the guitar has all the fun . I left , not to return !
  5. Thinking the 1st of April myself at those pictures , but isn't there an "e-bow" which has been out for decades and seems more practical if you want to go along those lines , otherwise stick to the conventional D,B , bow ..
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